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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wellness Wednesday - 3 Tips for beginning a healthy routine

Fall is a time for routines, it's back to school time. Why not back to fitness? If you're in the Belleville, MI area, kick start your fall fitness with a free workout.

Photo Credit: A-Train's SuperFit
Free Labor Day Workout - Monday, September 3, 8am
2055 Rawsonville Rd., Belleville, MI 48111

If you're not in the area, no need to fret. Begin a workout routine at home or find a local gym in your area. Here are 3 tips for a healthy routine:

  • Find an activity that you like and be consistent.
  • Be conscious of your eating habits - be deliberate about the type foods you're eating and portion size.
  • Have a "can do" attitude - I'm a fan of the quote, "whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford

Monday, August 27, 2018

Hot Mama – A matter of perspective

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“You look HOT,” the finely dressed young man said to me.  I studied my reflection in the full length mirror on the wall. I agreed with his observation. Only, he was not referring to my neatly coifed hairstyle, nor my glamorous outfit.

He was my twenty-one year-old son. And he was referring to the beads of sweat forming along my hairline and the glistening of my skin. My state of hotness was a hot flash on full blast. I glanced at my son and said, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall who’s the hottest of them all.”

My son chimed right in and said, “You are, my queen, by far, the hottest. Literally.”
I had menopause to thank for my unsolicited glow and ultimately my hotness. While at a birthday party for a friend, I learned that I wasn’t the only hot Mama. As I was talking to a friend, I could feel my skin beginning to warm. I felt like Firestorm, one of the super heros from the Fantastic Four.

I leaned in toward my friend and softly said, “I’m having a hot flash.”

A woman within earshot heard me and said, “It doesn’t go away. I’m 72 years old and I still have them.”

As if that wasn’t a blast of bad news, my friend said, “They say drinking coffee contributes to hot flashes, it’s the caffeine.”

“Well, I guess I’m destined to be a hot mama. I gave up drinking pop, now you’re saying I need to give up my coffee?” I’m not quite ready to give up coffee, instead I’ll invest in small hand held fans. I’ll leave a fan in various locations like my office, purse, and have a spare one as back up.

Are you feeling like a Hot Mama or know someone who is? Take it in stride, embrace your hotness. Be the bold and beautiful person that you are.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Fun Friday – 5 Signs that football season is near

Do you know what season it is? Yes, it’s back to school season and for some of us sports moms, it’s back to sports. Sports season means everybody gears up. Your child pulls his gear out and you grab yours. Except…your gear may look a little different.

My son has graduated from high school football to college football. The difference now is that I travel a further distance. I pack music for the car ride, money for the toll booth, and a riding companion to keep me company for the four hour drive.

As we head into the world of college football, I want to reflect on the signs of football seasons past. Below is a blog post from a couple seasons ago. There may be information that you find helpful or simply entertaining.

The story….

It’s the second week of two-a-days. For my son this means two football practices a day for two weeks. For me this means adding to the grocery list, organizing drop-off/pick up at practice time and additional loads of laundry.

When my son is a part of a team…I am part of the team. He suits up, so do I.  My son puts on his girdle, I put on my girdle. We both head to the field wearing the school colors. It is officially high school football season.

Do you have a child who plays sports? What are indicators that the season is upon you? Below are 5 signs that high school football is near.

1.      You receive reminders about the deadline for sports physicals.
2.       You have to sell discount coupon cards.
3.      Your son shows you pictures of all the latest (expensive) cleats.
4.      You’re riding around with a stadium chair in the trunk of your car.
5.      You receive emails asking you to volunteer.

Once you have recognized the signs that your season is changing, you prepare accordingly. Just as you dress differently from fall to winter, you must also adjust your schedule from one sport or activity to the next for your child. For our household, this means Friday nights will revolve around football games.

It’s not all bad being a sports parent. It can be a time for socializing with other parents and building relationships. You just have to remember to watch the game too because your child will ask you, “Did you see my play?”

Is your child involved in activities outside of school? What are the indicators that it’s time to begin a new season or session?

Monday, August 20, 2018

Motivational Monday – Honor your uniqueness

photo credit:Pinterest

Are you living the kind of life you were meant to live? Tell the truth, you won’t be graded on your answer. If your answer is no, then why not? Each one of us is uniquely and wonderfully made. It’s time to celebrate yourself and honor your uniqueness.

You may ask, how do I honor my uniqueness? You can begin by speaking differently about yourself. Your words have power, speak kindly of yourself. I’m currently reading, Successful Women Speak Differently – 9 Habits That Build Confidence, Courage, & Influence, by Valorie Burton.

photo credit: Amazon.com

Ms. Burton’s book is thought provoking and easy to follow. She talks about the importance of your tone of voice when speaking. One chapter emphasizes how inflection and word speed can “subconsciously communicate your insecurities or your authority (Burton, p.33).” This is only one nugget of the wisdom portrayed throughout the book.

There are times when we feel stuck and need to shift gears. Like a car, we’re sometimes stalled. Challenges pop up like weeds in a garden – financial difficulties hit, your health declines, and your kids are acting up. You need a faith lift and positive surroundings.

You may wonder, how can I celebrate myself when I’m not feeling my best? One of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books is titled The Power of Positive. Read some of the stories written by regular people with real situations. You may see yourself or your situation, reflected on some of the pages.

You can still have joy, celebrate yourself and honor your uniqueness in the midst of challenges. Change your mindset - speak differently, walk differently, think differently. It may not be easy, but is it worth it to you?

Get up right now, look in a mirror and say, I am somebody, I matter, I am successful. Keep saying it until you believe it.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Fun Friday – Life’s funny moments

Have you ever had a moment where you had to laugh at yourself? Perhaps it was a situation you found yourself in or something a child said. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

Below are a few scenarios that caused me to feel a bit amused.

Expensive Shoes
In a discussion with a group of eight and nine year olds, we talked about expenses shoes. One boy told about his new shoes. “These are real, they cost over a hundred dollars.”
So that other students wouldn’t feel bad if they couldn’t spend a lot of money on shoes, I chimed in. “I got my Gucci sandals at a discount store.”
The girl across from me confidently said, “Oh, they’re not real.”

Directionally Challenged
You know you’re directionally challenged if…
You need map quest to navigate to a location in your dream.

Lunch Bag
You know you need a new lunch bag if…
Every lunch bag in the fridge at work looks like a designer something. You reluctantly wedge your grocery store plastic bag between the nicer ones and hope no one realizes it belongs to you.

What funny situations have happened to you lately?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wellness Wednesday – National Relaxation Day - 3 ways to celebrate

Deep breath in through your nose….blow it out through your mouth. Repeat. You are now ready to begin relaxing. It’s National Relaxation Day, celebrated August 15th. What is your favorite way to relax? Schedule an appointment with yourself to do it NOW.

If you need a few suggestions on ways to celebrate Relaxation Day, here they are:

·         Schedule a spa appointment – massage, facial, pedicure, whatever tickles your fancy.
·         Sit on a beach with a book before the dog days of summer are gone.
·         Listen to calming music – try classical music.

YouTube Video Credit: Just Instrumental Music

Take time to rejuvenate by celebrating National Relaxation Day. What do you do for relaxation?

Monday, August 13, 2018

Motivational Monday – Going nuts over health – 3 benefits of eating nuts

I rummaged through one kitchen cabinet after another, searching for snacks to toss in my lunch bag. More specifically, I wanted nuts. Like a squirrel on a mission my claws grabbed the first pack of nuts in view. Once at work and ready for a snack, I retrieved the bite sized pack from my bag.

As I held the package of nuts in my hand, I tilted my head. In the voice of the famous cartoon dog Scooby Doo, I said Rut Ro. I had grabbed a pack of nuts that said Men’s Health. These must have been left behind when my son went back to school.

Men’s Health. I hesitated for only a moment then ripped open the pack. As I munched I kept thinking, I hope I don’t sound like a man when I open my mouth to speak. I looked in the hand- held mirror at my desk, to make sure my chin hairs hadn’t grown longer.

I just wanted nuts, I didn’t need any benefits of men’s health, whatever that may be. Despite my episode in men’s health, there are benefits to eating nuts. Below are 3 benefits from the experts in health and nutrition.

·         Studies have indicated that people who eat nuts live longer than those who don’t.
·         Eating nuts may help reduce risk factors for chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
·         Nuts are high in fiber – fiber “helps you feel full and reduces the number of calories you absorb from meals (healthline.com).

Some experts say you chose unsalted, dry roasted nuts whenever possible, for better health benefits.  Please eat responsibly and do your research. Too much of anything I not good. I’m not the expert, just a girl who loves peanuts, almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts and so on.

What food motivates you to eat healthy?

Friday, August 10, 2018

Fun Friday – Yard work

photo credit: Ryan Homes

It was a breezy summer afternoon as I watched my son from a kitchen window as he pushed the lawn mower across the backyard. I had just awakened from a Sunday afternoon nap. Feeling rested, I decided to venture outside and help whip the yard into shape.

Armed with a broom, I whisked and swayed stray grass from side to side across my driveway. Snow White’s friends the Seven Dwarfs, whistled while they worked, I hummed a few tunes as I worked. It wasn’t long before the front yard looked presentable.

I moved to the backyard to assist my son with pulling weeds. It was at that time I learned that my son discovered a snakeskin. It was not a snake skin purse, nor was it snake skin shoes. It was just snake skin, lying in a corner of the yard near the house.

My son said, “The snake probably came around to catch one of the field mice that have been digging holes near the house.”

I stared at him and said, “I’m done with yard work for the rest of the year.” I threw my work gloves down and retreated to the house to read a book. I left the snake and the mice to fight amongst themselves…for the time being.

The next time you think you’re to tackle a little yard work, be prepared for the unexpected.
Have you had any out of the ordinary yard work experiences?

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Words of Wisdom – Nuggets of Inspiration

“Every great move forward in your life begins with a leap of faith, a step into the unknown.”
Brian Tracy

I Asked
I asked for strength that
I might achieve,
I was made weak that
I might obey.

I asked for health that
I might do greater things,
I was given infirmity
That I might do better things.

I asked for riches that
 I might be happy,
I was given poverty
That I might be wise.

I asked for power that
I might have the praise of men,
I was given weakness that
I might feel the need of God.

I asked for all things that
I might enjoy life,
I was given life that
I might enjoy all things.

I received nothing I asked for,
All that I hoped for.

My prayer is answered!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Motivational Monday – National Book Lover’s Day – 7 ways to celebrate

Just in case you need an excuse to pick up a book for pleasure reading, it’s almost National Book Lovers Day. This holiday is celebrated August 9th. Now is a great time to explore a new genre of books. Have you thought about trying a new recipe? Pick up a cookbook.

If health and fitness is a focus area for you, grab a health and fitness magazine from your local bookstore. National Book Lovers Day should serve as motivation to jump start your celebration of reading.

Below are 7 ways to celebrate Book Lover’s Day:
1.      Host a book lover’s party – serve snacks, summer salads, smoothies and invite me over.
2.      Take book to the beach or sit pool side with your favorite book.
3.      Browse your favorite bookstore – sit and read something you don’t usually read.
4.      Buy a book as a gift for someone.
5.      Share your favorite book on social media.
6.      Donate old books.
7.      Find your favorite quiet spot put your feet up…and read.

If you have young children, include them in celebrating Book Lover’s Day. Create a scavenger hunt based on their favorite book characters. Take a trip to the beach that will include a blanket, a book and bouncing in the water, but not all at the same time.

What would you add to the list of ways to celebrate National Book Lover’s Day?

Friday, August 3, 2018

Fun Friday – How to make learning fun

Have you ever sat in a meeting or lecture, twisting and turning in your seat? The person next to you lets out a yawn, you respond with one of your own. It’s easy to become distracted or tired while sitting in a long meeting. If you experience this as an adult, think about the learning process for a child.

When my sons were younger, during the summer we engaged in what we called boredom busters. Once a week had family night where we played Uno, board games or other activities of their choosing. Somewhere in the mix of these things we competed with each other when completing word searches, dot-to-dot sheets and mazes.

Recently I came across a website called education.com. The site has a host of math, writing and other worksheets that can serve as a boredom buster for your child. And guess what? Your child learning during the process of having fun. Some cute critters are here to make division fun. Be sure to check out Education .com for more math printables. Click here

There is a small membership fee is you decide to take full advantage of what the site offers. I’m not affiliated with anyone at this site, nor am I being paid to promote their product. The site appears to have great resources. I’m all about promoting education in our youth. After all, this may be the generation deciding my health benefits in another 15 years.

How do you make learning furn for your children?