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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Wordless Wednesday- National Cookie Day

It's Wordless Wednesday for me, but....it's also National Cookie Day. Check out a Vegan Cookie Recipe by Susanna Leonard Hill. Stay for a while and peruse her Would You Read It blog post. She has a fun blog.

Photo Credit: Susanna Leonard Hill
Click here to view her blog.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Muffins with Mom – Home for the Holidays

The screen door squeaked, locks click clicked, and heavy footsteps trampled across the hardwood floor. From the other room, I heard the endearing words, “MAMA…I’m home.” My sons arrived home one day apart. Each one entering the house with cherubic smiles and a load of dirty laundry. College kids, home for the holidays.

I had already decided that the holiday season would be a time for family and plenty of relaxing. My adult children had other ideas. One sons’ shenanigans began as we prepared for a visit to my mom’s house. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror with my make-up bag spread open across the counter.

As I applied concealer, contour creams, eyebrow pencil, etc., my son popped into my doorway.
“What is that on your face?”


“Oh, I thought you were doing Painting with a Twist.”

And he wonders why he often appears in my blog posts. This was one of many moments we treasure as a family. Are you creating family memories? If not, it’s not too late to begin. It doesn’t cost a dime and the moments are usually priceless.

My sons both attend college out of state. Our Thanksgiving gathering revolved around family updates. Each one of them said, “Ma I’m going to need some groceries.”
 I said, “Me too. We can’t all need food at the same time.”

My younger son looked at his brother and said, “One of us is going to have to come home.” They both chuckled. Their banter continued throughout the night. The “Grown-ups” (my brother and me) claimed a comfortable spot on the couch, watched a movie, napped, and woke up in time to see the end of the movie.

Siblings, breaking bread together

It was the best night ever…having everyone home for the holidays.

It’s your turn, go out and create memories.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Motivational Monday – God’s Protection Plan

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Are you looking for a protection plan that you can trust? Check out the benefits of God’s protection plan.

·         He watches over you 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
·         Comes with an assurance plan – rest assured in the comfort of His loving arms; He will never leave you and always available to listen
·         The plan is FREE – His son (Jesus) paid the price long ago
·         No expiration date on this policy
·         Covers home, auto and life

If you have ever faced a life-challenging situation, you know there is a level of discomfort and uncertainty, maybe even anxiety over the unexpected. As a policy holder of God’s Protection Plan, you can still express joy. Your joy is not dependent on your circumstance because the joy of the Lord is your strength. You can rejoice through it all.

In a sermon, Pastor George W. Waddles, Jr. said, “Rejoice means, I can get through it even when I don’t feel like it.” We have a tendency to become anxious over things that might happen. The Bible tells us to be anxious for nothing. Figuratively speaking, when you have God’s Protection Plan, you have peace of mind.

You may be wondering how to obtain a protection plan. The answer is simple, build your faith foundation. Develop a habit of prayer and giving thanks for all that you have. Put your trust in your heavenly father and His guidance. God’s Protection Plan is free, it’s your choice whether or not to accept it.

Do you have a protection plan? Don’t get caught without assurance.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Fun Friday – Real Talk Real Challenges

Not a view from my window, but a calming picture none the less

Daylight had begun to peek through the blinds in my bedroom. Wrapped in my favorite purple fleece housecoat, I stood starring into my closet. What was I going to wear? What would fit, without a feeling of discomfort?

I decided to try on a dress I hadn’t worn in a long time. It didn’t take long to discover why the dress was in the back of the closet. As I pulled the dress on, my head popped through slowly like a turtle coming out of his shell. I wiggled and twisted with my arms near my chest like a T-Rex. Until finally, both arms made it through their perspective armholes.

The struggle was real. I was slapped with the reality that somehow excess baggage had attached itself to my body, in the form of extra, unwanted weight. My solution was to buckle down and address this issue. It was great timing that the ladies at the fitness studio where I workout, decided to participate in a 30 Day No Sugar Challenge. I joined the challenge.

Our task was to go without sugar or sugary food for 30 days. Sound simple? I started over, every couple of days in week one. Week two was a little better. However, I discovered that I needed to make a visit by the grocery store for healthy items to snack on.

My son stopped by our home for a visit and left a few items from a boxed lunch that he didn’t want. The unwanted items included a package of fruit snacks and a chocolate chip cookie, wrapped in clear plastic wrap. The chocolate chunk cookie sat on the kitchen counter staring at me for several days. Until finally, I was out of the smooth, natural peanut butter that I snack on. So, I ate the cookie.

I didn’t give up on the challenge. I kept working out, kept my focus on making healthy choices. Yet, I still had not made that trip to the grocery store. One night while watching Steve Harvey on the Family Feud, I wanted a snack as I watched “Somebody’s Family” go for the fast money. No healthy snacks around so I grabbed a couple of gummie multi-vitamins (which is one serving). Not enough, so I grabbed a couple more, and a couple more, until I had devoured six of those little squishy things. I hope one can’t overdose on gummie vitamins.

Daylight was replaced by moonlight, wrapped in my purple fleece housecoat, I had no worries about what to wear. Tomorrow would be a new day filled with new opportoneunities. It all else fails, my closet also holds stretch pants and leggings. I will survive. Real Talk. Real Challenges.

What challenges can you now laugh about?

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Monday, November 18, 2019

Motivational Monday – Thanksgiving a time for giving thanks

Photo Credit: Heartland Paper Company

Shopping carts filled with a turkey, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese and other delights, navigate the grocery store aisles. Christmas tunes blast through speakers. Folks are preparing for their Thanksgiving feast.

At home the table is set for guests – Uncle Joe, Grandma Cookie, Cousin Ann and a coral of kids. All are ready for family stories, fun, and fellowship. It’s a time for giving thanks. What are your Thanksgiving traditions and what are you thankful for?

Today I give thanks for family and the memories we create. When my sons were young, we’d visit my mom, watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, then watch my grandfather fall asleep, sitting on the couch after dinner.

Thanksgiving Day has traditionally been the start of mom and me watching Holiday movies. We began with the movie Imitation of Life, moved on to Miracle on 34th Street, and then watched a series of others. My favorites today include anything on the Hallmark Channel.

There are so many things to be thankful that the list can go on and on. As you prepare for Thanksgiving this year, be sure to give thanks for things large and small. Is there something that you can do to spread Thanksgiving joy to someone else?