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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Wellness Wednesday - 3 Tips for a Warm and Cozy New Year

If you were asked to identify one thing you will do this year to focus on your self care, what would you say? Make this year, the year of "you."

When temperatures are frigid outside, it brings to mind the desire to feel warm and cozy. This leads us to today's topic - ways to have a warm and cozy new year. Here are a few fun ideas I've generated:

1.    Slide into warm pajamas and curl up with a book.

2.    Sip a warm beverage while sitting wiht your feet proped up on something.

3.    Put on a pair of fuzzy socks and Moonwalk or slide across a wood floor. If you're so inclined, sing a Michael Jackson song while doing the Moonwalk. Of course, keep in mind your safety and ability level.

Most importantly do something that will bring a smile to you face and deliver that warm fuzzy feeling.

YouTube Video: The Moonwalk

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Monday, December 12, 2022

Muffins with Mom – A K.I.S.S. for the Holiday

One egg, water, add to gingerbread mix. Betty Crocker made it easy to bake gingerbread with my sons as part of our Holiday tradition. The end result was warm, moist cake, with a dollop of cool whip, and an engaging conversation with my sons. My tip for the Holiday is to seal it with a K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Silly).

As part of our Holiday tradition, we put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. It’s looking at the Christmas lights that motivate me. When my sons were younger they would help decorate the tree, adding beads, bulbs, and ornaments they made at school.

Although my sons are grown now, the tradition still continues, it just looks a little different. I’ve learned to keep it simple. I asked my older son to help me drag the Christmas tree box from the basement. This also meant hauling out the tote containing all the ornaments (ribbons, bulbs, beads, bells).

“Why do you have so much stuff,” my son asked.

“Accumulation. At least it’s organized.”

It didn’t take long to assemble the pre-lit tree, but it was days before I returned to add ornaments. It was then that I enlisted the assistance of my younger son to help decorate the tree. He is known as the negotiation of the family.

“I’ll help if I can have flavored candy canes, and gingerbread,” said son two.

“You can do it for the bonding and family togetherness, and I’ll consider the gingerbread.”

Well, I did make the gingerbread, and the Christmas tree is decorated with the ornaments and candy canes. I spend a little time each day sitting in stillness (reading, or writing) and admiring the colorful lights.

As you prepare for the Holiday season choose to do something simple that brings you joy. Little things can provide bug joy.

What tips do you have for keeping the Holiday season simple?

Friday, November 18, 2022

Feel Good Friday – Stress is a Laughing Matter


Judy Carter, Comedian, and Author of the Comedy Bible

Stress is a Laughing Matter is a phrase used by Judy Carter, author, and comedian. This was also the title of a workshop Judy facilitated at the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop (October 2022). Judy encouraged the audience to look at our problems as punchlines. She speaks and writes about finding happiness when you’re stressed.

You may be wondering how stress can be a laughing matter. Well, it’s actually how you deal with stress that involves laughter. Whether you want to perform stand-up comedy, add humor to your writing, or just make it through a challenging time, laughter helps. Laughter as well as storytelling that can be healing.

I’m in the process of turning a problem into a punchline. Here’s my story, it’s a tale of aging.

The radio in my bathroom was blaring with the latest pop song. The volume was cranked up so I could hear it over the pulsating shower water. I hummed to the tunes as I lathered, rinsed, and began to dry off. I pulled the shower curtain open, and a cool breeze tickled my nose, which caused a gentle sneeze…that threw my back out.

I was standing there alone, just me, the radio, and my towel; standing bent over in excruciating pain each time I tried to stand upright. All I could do was tilt my head upward as I thought, what just happened? Did I sneeze and throw my back out? Am I about to die clean, but ashy?

Of course, I was being a drama queen, but I needed a distraction form the pain. The situation was in no way funny at the time. A couple of days later after an Aleve and a lidocaine patch, I took a few minutes to reflect.

I took that painful incident and added it to a comedy set that I was working on. Using the art of exaggeration, the situation was made to appear ginormous (gigantic and enormous). I’m not sure that’s a real word, but it added an element of humor.

How can you turn stress into a laughing matter? Give it a try. Think of a situation that was not funny at the time it was occurring. Share your story with a friend, but retell it using exaggeration, and acting it out. You’re on your way to using laughter to relieve a little stress.

Stress is a laughing matter, that’s my point of view…and Judy’s, and I’m sticking with it.