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Friday, October 23, 2020

Fun Friday – Family for the Holidays


The coronavirus pandemic has everyone thinking differently – from ho hum to panic and everything in between. In my case, my thoughts are thistled, family frantic, and the Holiday feels hopeless.

Christmas is typically celebrated at my house with food, funnies, and family stories. This year I’ve decided to distribute a Holiday letter. You get to see it first…

Home for The Holidays (or Stay at Your Own Home)

Dear Family,

Due to the national pandemic Christmas dinner will be different this year. While my house is a comfortable size, the square footage may not accommodate our needs. The six foot social distancing would leave some of you on the front porch, with others waiting outside the sliding door to the backyard.

In order to save you from foreseeable frustration and bah humbugs, our celebration is going hybrid. Some of you can join us in person, others…we’ll send you a Zoom link. If you are not selected from the lottery to attend in person, you can still drive by and leave your dish on the porch or someone will come out to your car. A dessert and take-home activities will be pre-packaged and given to you.

For family members attending the in-person festivities, BYOM (Bring Your Own Mask) is encouraged. A limited supply of paper masks will be available. Come prepared for your temperature to be taken and a short screening questionnaire to be completed.

The only Hugs and Kisses this year will come from Hershey’s. Your safety is our utmost concern. The Happy Birthday song will be taped to the bathroom mirror as a reminder of the 20 second hand washing requirement. You may sing any version you like.

If you sneeze or cough, you will be sent to one of the kids un-occupied rooms for self-quarantine until the end of the party. This rule includes allergies, the common cold and sniffles. At the end of the night a family member dressed in a hazmat suit will escort you to your vehicle.

Overall, we at the Verges household are excited for those who will join us for family fun during the Holidays.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Love you,

House Administrator/Correspondence Secretary/Head of Household

Don’t let the Corona virus take the fun out of your family event. What will your Holiday celebrations look like this year?

Monday, October 19, 2020

Motivational Monday – Praising through a Pandemic


Inside looking out

Sunday mornings are quiet, and the house is warm, but the view from a picture window tell a different story. Trees swaying, leaves tumbling, and potted flowers dancing in the wind. The old routine of dashing off into the elements of nature, heading to Sunday morning church service is non-existent.

This pandemic can leave you longing for the days of sitting in the pews, rocking, and clapping as the sounds of singing, guitar playing and a piano, fill the sanctuary. Let’s not forget the sound of an infant crying or that usher with the white gloved hands leading you to a seat. You politely smile and point to a different seat, next to your friend.

We are all healing from a pandemic that has crippled us, our community, and our loved ones. There may be no more praising in the pews, but we can still praise from the porch, the parks, and the pastures. My grandmama used to say, “One monkey don’t stop no show” (I’ve discovered that’s actually an African American Proverb).

Virtual services are available and easily accessible. Don’t let your faith wander because the church doors are closed. Shout at the sink while washing dishes; praising because you had food on your plate. Cry at the cupboards – cries of joy, because there is food for another day. Dance on a dusty floor because you have a roof over your head and a dust mop to clean your messes.

Dance like David danced for the Lord, with shouts of joy and noise of horns. Don’t let this pandemic push your faith aside. In a music video I heard Bishop Marvin Winans say, “My present faith is based on a past experience. I know He’s (God) is able to deliver because He already has delivered.”

Think of a time when you weathered a storm – figuratively speaking or literally. Now get up and shout. Praise from the position you’re in right now.

As you settle down and become still, rest peacefully and know that God is in control.


Friday, October 16, 2020

Fun Friday – The lighter side of virtual events


A virtual gathering before its. time.
Photo Credit: Chicago Sun-Times

How many Zoom, GoToMeeting or other virtual events have you attended lately? Did you know that there is something called Zoom Fatigue? Yes, it is a real thing; I’ve experienced it and didn’t realize it. It’s that state of having tired eyes, stiff legs from sitting, and feeling drained at the end of the day.

Here’s a fun way to beat Zoom Fatigue while amusing yourself. Pretend you’re part of The Brady Bunch. You remember that TV  sitcom from the early 70’s. During the intro of the show, each family member appeared in a box, like Zoom.  Try this next time you’re virtual - smile, look up, look side to side, and start singing…

“Here’s a story, of a lovely lady…who was bringing up three very lovely girls…”

If that doesn’t amuse you, tilt your head as though you’re listening intently. Remember to adjust every now and then so you don’t appear frozen. When you are tired of sitting, turn your camera off and dance around the room, you’re at a virtual dance party (that’s a thing now too). Keep your microphone muted.

Break up the craziness of virtual meetings by finding ways to bring relief. We’ve looked at the silly side of participating in virtual events. If you’re looking for real solutions to Zoom Fatigue, check out the article, How to Combat Zoom Fatigue.

What are your silly solutions to Zoom Fatigue (or real ones)?


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wellness Wednesday – Fall Color Tour


Lunch with mom turned into a Fall Color Tour. It was an unseasonably warm day when we decided that take-out from a local grill and sitting on her backyard swing sounded delightful. The Fattoush salad with warm chicken shawarma sat on the backseat of my car as we headed in the direction of home, but not directly.

I drove down streets where yards were littered with leaves, orange pumpkins, or stakes in the ground bearing Halloween ghosts, goblins, and scarecrows. We were like two kids discovering something new.

“Get a picture of that tree.”

“Oooh, look at the Red one.”

Delight in our voices, and a gleam in our eyes, viewing the array of colorful leaves was breathtaking and peaceful.

Have you observed the colorful changes going on around you? If you live near a body of water, take a final canoe trip of the season, and absorb the scenes of nature. Stroll through a forest of trees or drive through a tree-lined neighborhood.

Check out what mom and I saw.

Sometimes an impromptu outing is just what you need to relax. Make it a part of your health and wellness.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Motivational Moment – A walk of faith


Flip flops, gym shoes, and work boots, this was the collection of shoes in a clump near my front door. How do you determine which shoes to wear for the day? What do your shoes reflect about you?

 Loafer – associated with comfort and relaxation.

High Heel – reflects boldness and confidence.

Gym Shoe – active, ready to get moving

Work Boot – sturdy

Often, we select our shoes based on what we have planned for the day. If you have a presentation at work you dress a particular way, for casual Friday, a different way. Every day is a walk of faith. Is there a shoe that reflects your faith walk? It may be different each day.

There have been occasions where I’ve had a gym shoe day and had to coax my body to get up and get moving. It felt like I needed WD-40 to oil my joints and make them flexible. My feet hit the floor and I roll up one vertebra at a time and whisper a quick prayer.

On other gym shoe days, I spring from the bed as spry as a grasshopper, ready to workout and get the day started. Again, there is a prayer on my lips, only audible to God. The morning ritual was off to a good start with washing my face and brushing my teeth. I know He doesn’t care if my breath stinks, but it makes me feel better.

I pulled on my workout clothes, laced my gym shoes, and bounced to an open space in my Livingroom, ready for a virtual workout. In addition to my workout gear, my faith was right there with me too, on the inside.

Over the course of the week, I’ll strap on a pair of heels and walk bold through my day. By the end of the week loafers will replace heels as I ease into a state of comfort. Flip flops, gym shoes or work boots, no matter what shoe you wear, walk with faith.

Walk into your day bold, confident, and filed with faith.