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Monday, August 3, 2020

Muffins with Mom – 3 Signs that you may need a vacation from parenting

My sons’ and I took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing on their high school days and the quirky things that happened. Of course the way they remembered things was different from my recollection. Below is a blog post from several years ago, and situations they’d forgotten about or remembered differently.


Has anyone ever said to you, “parenting is a full-time job?” I know this to be true because I’ve seen the job description. No experience is required for this job, nor is there a possibility of promotion or advancement. However there is on the job training.

Since parents work so hard at their job, there will be more than one occasion where you feel the need to take a vacation. Below are 3 signs that I’ve discovered that may cause a parent to want a vacation.

1.      Your teen is learning to drive – while this is a milestone in the life of a teen, it can be a less than exciting time for a parent. My 15-year old asked if he could drive home from the store the other day. I’m not the best person for the job of driver’s training instructor, but I strapped myself in on the passenger side of the car and attempted to appear calm.

With each stop at a red light or turn at a corner, I gripped the passenger side arm rest and applied invisible brakes. After ten minutes my son pulled into our driveway. My chest caved in, my toes uncurled and I let out a sigh of relief.

 2.      Wardrobe malfunction – I had a fight recently…it was with my jacket. It was a day that I’d stayed a little late at work causing me to have to rush to pick up my son from school. I threw my jack on and zipped it up quickly. I arrived at my son’s school only ten minutes late and we proceeded to our next destination, an afterschool workshop that I signed him up for.

Once my son was settled into his workshop, I prepared to relax. As I unzipped my jacket, the zipper split/separated about half way down. I tried zipping it back up and down again. I was stuck. I matched the metal pieces at the bottom of the jacket together, the zipper went down a little more, but never opened all the way.

I finally pulled the jacket over my head, like a shirt and freed myself. I was determined not to lose the battle. I had won, but I was tired. And I needed a new jacket.

 3.      Outrageous request from your child – “Ma, can you take me to get a tattoo?” My response was, “give me about 5 years to think about it.”

At the end of your vacation, rest assured that there ARE benefits as a parent that you will enjoy – unconditional love and a lifetime 0f hugs and kisses.

What parenting moments have you experienced that let you know it may be time for a vacation?

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Wellness Wednesday - Food Inspirations

Share your healthy food dishes...

Below is a recipe I received in a wellness newsletter at work. The dish is called Grilled Chicken with Spinach & Melted Mozzarella

Ingredients: Grilled Chicken,Breasts Garlic (minced), Frozen Spinach (10 oz),
Red Pepper (roasted), Mozzarella Cheese (1/3 c)

This next dish was not prepared by me. It's from a local restaurant that specializes in  healthy smoothies and Vegan dishes. The name of the restaurant is What's in Your Cup?

Hail Caesar (Vegan Chicken, Organic Mixed Greens, and more) 

Salmon (broiled), topped with Pico de Gallo
Riced Cauliflower

Monday, July 27, 2020

Motivational Monday – National Parks and Recreation Month – 5 Ways to get active

Photo Credit: National Recreation and Park Association

National Park and Recreation Month is celebrated each year in July. This month emphasizes the importance of community parks and recreational areas and they role they play in promoting health and physical activity. Although we’re nearing the end of the month, there’s no time like the present to get moving and become active.

Here are 5 ways for you to become active

1.      Take a walk through your local park
2.      Canoe or kayak along the river – some parks have an area for you launch your canoe or kayak.
3.      Swing on a swing set  - bring out the kid in you.
4.      Go on a bike ride
5.      Participate in a virtual 5k – for those who want to kick their fitness routine up a notch there are many 5k races offered virtually. You can select one that has a charitable cause you would like to support.

Post your Get Active activities on social media to encourage someone else. What would you add to 
the list above to encourage physical activity?

Friday, July 24, 2020

Fun Friday – Finding Humor Accidentally

Have you come across signs, sayings or other things that make you go hmmm? It seems I find humor accidentally, when I don’t see it coming.  Come along with me today, take a look at a few things I’ve noticed. Feel free to share your interpretation.

How was I pre-selected to receive this email ad about a free MEN'S razor...with premium blades. Did the advertisers find out about my mustache?

Who sent this to me? Someone looking out for my well-being or someone saying it's time you moved on?

While attempting to increase my knowledge base by reading an article on leadership, this heading jumped out at me.


Where are you finding humor?

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Wordless Wednesday - Grateful

What are you grateful for?

Today I am grateful for family, especially my Mama. I tried to sing a song that I like, she took over and joined me..probably to drown out my screeching.

Take a listen below...

Song: Come and Go to That Land (gospel song)

Song:I Know I've Been Changed (gospel song)

Monday, July 20, 2020

Motivational Monday – The College Send Off - Anything but Ordinary

Preparing for back to school

It was early evening as I adjusted the earbuds into my ears, my Zoom workshop was starting in five minutes. As I listened intently to the workshop leader, my son began talking to me from across the room. “Ma, blah, blah, blah..” That’s what I heard, until he bellowed to me again.

“Ma, did you hear what I said?”

I pulled one earbud from my ear and tilted my head slightly to hear what he was saying.
“More of my classes just moved to online and other ones will be hybrid.”
College classes will be anything but ordinary.

As my son’s stack their storage bins, gather their blankets, and check their class schedules, reality sinks in. They are going back to school in the middle of a pandemic. One which is predicted to experience a second wave in the fall if everyone doesn’t practice safe measures.

In past years, the college send-off was a time of excitement for the year ahead – making new friends…a clean house, oh wait we’re not talking about me. My sons were excited about being on their own, hanging out with friends, and attending classes in person.

Neither of my sons want to take online classes, but they will have to abide by the policy of their individual schools. Times we’re living in are not what we are accustomed to. My heart goes out to parents and their children who are preparing for back-to-school with uncertainty.

Where does your strength come from in times of weakness, struggle, and challenges? Prayer changes things. Create a quiet place, pray, meditate, and turn your troubles over to the Lord. Build upon your faith and go from worrier to warrior.

The college send-off this year will include reminders to “wear your mask, keep hand sanitizer handy, and stay away from unnecessary crowds. Saying goodbye will be anything but ordinary.

Since there will be no ordinary this fall, let’s make it extraordinary. If your college student must attend in person classes, send hm off with love, hope and faith.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Fun Friday – The Lighter Side of Family Moments

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Family moments, sometimes they’re warm fuzzy, other times they’re, chaotic and crazy. No matter what there are sure to be times that make you smile. As we transition from stay home orders and migrate back into our communities, take a minute to think about your time spent at home.

Were you home with kids, pets, caring for aging relatives? What were some situations that made you smile? Below are a couple of situations from my reflections.

I’m trying to teach my college age son to be responsible. He has his own car, takes care of it well. But I carry him on my auto insurance. The other day I texted him and said, “Don’t forget to set aside money to give me on your auto insurance.”

He shot a text back, “Okay Sallie Mae, I mean Ma. I get you confused sometimes with the loan company.”

Crowded Garage
I need more time at home to finish taking care of home improvements. Take my garage for instance. What do builders have in mind when they build a two-car garage? For me, a set of instructions is needed. It would include something like this:

·      Only two cars will fit here. Not two cars, a lawn mower, a snow blower, car tires, and a weed wacker.
Every time I back out of my “two-car garage” with two cars in there…I run over the lawnmower wheel.

To say my son doesn’t like leftovers is an understatement and his idea of what constitutes leftovers is…different. He came home one evening after I had put away everything that was cooked.

“Where’s dinner?” he asked.

“Everything is in the fridge,” I said.

“Nooo, now it’s leftovers.”

I rolled my eyes and moved on to do something else. I don’t like to waste food, eventually someone would have to eat it. I reminded my son a couple of days later that we still had food that needed to be eaten.

“”Ma, I don’t want to eat anything else you say we need to hurry up and eat before it goes bad.”

What family moments have you had lately that have made you smile?