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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Words of Wisdom - Peace

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Monday, June 1, 2020

Motivational Monday – Healing

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We need healing in our country. Close your eyes and look through the lens of your community, your state, our country – what do you see? In my community a police officer was caught on video hitting a woman on the top of her head while attempting to restrain her. At our state capitol, people march openly with guns, in protest of the continued stay home order.

In Minnesota, a handcuffed black man died after a police officer retrained him by pressing his knee on the man’s neck. Many places people are protesting, some are friendly protests, others erupted in violence. We need healing. How has your family been affected? If you have children, what the discussion look like in your home?

As I walked through my house gathering dishes, going through the motions of my routine casual Saturday, my son called my cell phone.

“Ma, I’m heading to the protest.”

My heart sank and I let out a sigh. Do I tell him not to go because there could be violence? Do I suppress his desire to be a part of change? To do so may appear hypocritical. You see, I participated in a sit-in during my college years. My mother marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he visited Kentucky State. We need healing.

I told my son, “I don’t really want you to go, but be safe, and wear your mask.”
Not long after that phone conversation, my other son came through the door, “Ma, I’m getting ready to go to the protest.”

I simply said, “Ok, stay with your brother.”

Do I need to say, my sons are black? Our conversations have been different lately.

My son left the house one night to go for a jog. He was wearing a hoodie. The first words out of my mouth were, “Please don’t put the hood over your head.” Forget the fact that sky glistened with bright stars and the air held a gentle breeze. It was a great night for a walk, but I feared for his safety, in our middle-class neighborhood.

Let us press pause; Stop what you’re doing right now and pray for your community, your state, our country, our families. We need healing.

“Lord, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress.”     Isaiah 33:2

Friday, May 29, 2020

Feel Good Friday – What’s in your spiritual bank account?

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As we shelter in place, one day transitions into another without much delineation of what day it really is. I’ve often caught myself asking my son, “Is today Tuesday or Wednesday?”

“It’s Thursday.”

“Oh, that’s right trash day was yesterday.” Trash day was my identifier for the day of the week.

Our world is in a state of crisis. How do you handle a crisis? Each of us experiences pain, devastation, and emotion differently. One thing that is constant is that a Spiritual Bank account can come in handy. If you haven’t opened an account yet, it doesn’t take much to get started.

Make small, regular deposits to your account with consistent prayer as your currency. Pray over all areas of your life – family, finances, health. Build up a reserve that is ready for you in the event that a withdrawal is needed. Perhaps you set a low balance alert for yourself. This can simply be in the form of asking yourself, did I stop to pray or give thanks today?

I made a deposit into my account the other day as I ventured out of the house to visit my other. The last time I saw her was February when we got together for lunch. This time, we gathered for a Holiday, Memorial Day; a day set aside to remember veterans who lost their lives serving our country. It is also a time family and friends come together to embrace one another and create memories.

This year’s Holiday was different. Embracing family (outside of your household), and friends is discouraged. We took our chances, we hugged each other.  It was a brief embrace type of greeting, but it felt good to be with family. Don’t get me wrong, we took nothing lightly. There was constant hand washing and hand sanitizer available. And there was also Mama, a praying woman. This counted for yet another deposit into the Spiritual Bank account.

Your Spiritual Bank Account can include praying for others, praying for your community, and praying for healing. You decide your focus. During this time of the COVID virus, let’s take out this trash on Wednesday with the rest of the garbage.

As the adage says, It takes a village to raise a child; It’s going to take a village to fight against the crisis we are experiencing. Together we can do it. Keep a balance in your Spiritual Bank Account with prayer. Have a relationship with Jesus. Believe. Trust. Faith over Fear.

Make a deposit into your Spiritual Bank Account. There are no fees charges. Christ paid the cost long ago.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Muffins with Mom –Do you have a Do it Yourself Project for your child?

Have you ever prepared to leave the house, then spent the next 10 minutes wandering room to room, searching for your car keys? Stop by my house on any given day and you’ll hear someone say, “Ma, have you seen my keys?” 

After being around the house day after day, my son said, “I want to build something.”
I told my son he could rebuild the eight wooden steps outside our sliding door. I could feel his stare at the side of my head, which I’m sure was followed by eye rolls. “I guess that’s not quite what you had in mind.”


After a brief pause, I had an idea. “You could always put up that key hook I bought the other day.” I could tell by the nod of his head that this idea appealed to him. My son walked over to the wall, where he thought the key hook should be located. He tapped on the wall in a few places, with his knuckles.

“What are you doing,” I asked.

“Looking for the stud.”

It only took a few taps before my son found the stud (area of the wall he needed to screw the frame of the key hook into). I asked a few questions as he worked such as: “Why are you placing the key rack so high? Should you move it closer toward the door?”

My son stopped hammering, turned to me with a smirk on his face and said, “This is why contractors don’t like people to be home when they’re working.”

His sarcasm was rewarded with more tasks from me and the promise of a starring role on my blog. Neither of which he was thrilled about. One thing my son WAS thrilled about was he fact that his DIY project was successful, and he accomplished it on his own.

Our keys now have a place to rest, that does not require a treasure map to find them.

If you have a child at home who is looking for something to do, give him a creative project.

What DIY projects do you have planned?

Friday, May 22, 2020

Fun Friday – How do you party during a pandemic?

When was the last time you danced at a party with friends, attended a birthday celebration, or had a girl’s night out? As I reminisced, my mind landed in 1996 B.C. (before children). It was a time when folks my age could still drop it like it’s hot, moving all body parts like a well-oiled machine. Now we must oil those body parts to get them to move. Nevertheless, parties or celebrations are social interactions that connect us to others in a fun setting.

How do you party during a pandemic? You hang out virtually. An invite landed in my Messenger inbox on social media. Let’s have a Girls Night Out. What time works best for you 9 or 10pm? My first inclination was to ask if we can start at 7pm. The consensus was that 9pm worked for everyone. I looked forward to the gathering, but also knew I would have to fight to keep my eyelids in an upright position.

As it got closer to party time, I set up my laptop in a stationary location and dashed off to fix my face and hair.  I slipped on a stylish t-shirt, wrapped a silver necklace around my neck, then pushed my legs through my cotton pajama pants. My outfit was not complete until I added large silver hoop earrings. Five minutes before the party start-time I grabbed a bottle of my favorite flavor of Sparkling Ice water, poured it over a few cubes of ice and I was ready.

After a few clicks on my computer, I was accepted into the celebration. I was greeted with smiling faces, laughter, and subtle music in the background. It was a time of old friends connecting and new friendships established. We played the board game Scattergories. If you’ve never played this game, you must give it a try. You know, I bet the originator of this game came up with this name because you’re given a list of scattered categories.

We played several rounds of the game; the night began to slip away. I yawned a couple of times, then glanced at my phone and saw that it was 11pm. I shut my camera off and carried my laptop to the bedroom and slid under my covers. I must have been off camera a little too long. A friend who was still on camera sent me a text message that said, “Where are you?”

“I’m getting ready for bed.” I clicked my camera back on and rejoined the conversation (as I yawned a couple more times). Shortly afterwards, the host wrapped up the party. Everyone said they had a good time and would do it again. The best part about partying during this pandemic, was that it was a come as you are hangout. Be yourself, relax, and have fun.
Have you been to a virtual party?