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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Words of Wisdom - The Power of Positive

video credit:YouTube

video credit: YouTube

Monday, November 27, 2017

Muffins with Mom - And the winner is...

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You…are…a winner. Miss Universe, Oscar winners and Soul Train awards, all announced their winners. It’s your turn. Go through your day as though you are a winner. Be willing to do the things others won’t in order to succeed.

Take the road less traveled and create a path.

The winner is….


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Friday, November 24, 2017

Fun Friday – All in the family

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What does your family do that causes your face to spread into a grin? My family seems to find a way to do or say something funny when its least expected. In honor of Black Friday, I’ll first share a story of an excursion with my teen son.

It was a frigid Friday morning, the sun was not even thinking about making an appearance. My young teen said, “Ma, I want to see what it’s like to go Black Friday shopping.” Off we went. As we pulled up to the entrance of the local Target store, there were a gazillion people already lined against the store front.

My son proceeded to roll down his passenger side window to yell to the crowd. I pulled away before he could embarrass me. He said, “I was only going to tell them to save me a spot in line.”

Fast forward a few years and my son still has something to say. Away at college now, he sent me a text message filled with laughing emoji’s and the statement, “I just spent $100 on groceries and then I went out to eat. I’m doing the things you guys wouldn’t let me do.”

My son was referring to his dad saying, “You don’t need to go out and eat, we have a house full of groceries.” It was this voice of reason that he was now ignoring. My son didn’t stop there. I heard another buzz of my phone.

Text message number two said, “Speaking of things y’all wouldn’t let me do, I’m about to eat a whole box of candy canes.”

I said, “Do you want to keep your original teeth a while longer?”

“Naah. My upgrade is up, I want a new model.”

I told my son that I hope he applies his quick wit to any papers and essays that he writes for school.
My son is not the only family member with a story to share. My mother had a “special moment” at her recent doctor’s visit. I’ll preface this story by saying, who amongst us has not gone to certain measures to appear lighter when stepping onto the scale.

Mom dressed in layers before trudging off to her doctor’s appointment on a brisk fall day. After checking in with the receptionist, a nurse called mom’s name and said, “I just need to check your vitals and get your weight.”

No sooner had the words fallen from the nurses mouth did my mom say, “I’d like to use the restroom.”  Once in the restroom, mom hurriedly removed her scarf, a jacket, a vest, leggings and was still left wearing a layer of clothing. However, mom had successfully in removed one to two pounds of clothing.

What funny situation have you experienced with family?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Words of Wisdom – Thanksgiving Inspiration

What is your Thanksgiving story? Do you spend time with family, volunteering, or just relaxing at home? No matter what, give thanks for the blessings you have at this moment.

Below are a few inspirations quotes for you.

“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.” Henry Van Dyke

“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.” Henry David Thoreau

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” William Arthur Ward

Here is my story without words.

What is your Thanksgiving story? Wishing you the happiest of Thanksgiving joy.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Muffins with Mom – 3 Signs of menopause

photo credit: Jean Hales

Leg cramps, hair loss, hair growth, hearing loss, oh my. The aging process can be a funny creature. You can laugh through it or you can moan and complain. If your choice is laughter, come with me a few minutes as we explore the humorous side of aging and menopause.

I had an entertaining dinner with my mom the other day. We sat across the table from each other at one of our favorite family restaurants. As we waited for our food, mom asked me if I wanted a pop. I thought she asked if I wanted some “pot” (Mary Jane, doobie, marijuana, weed).

Clearly, I didn’t need any pop or pot. What I needed was a hearing aid. I told my mom that the faux pas must be a part of my menopausal state. If you think you may be experiencing menopause, take look at the 3 signs below.

1.      Hot Flashes – aaah, the dreaded hot flashes. This symptom of menopause will appear at random times and hang around for brief moments and keep reappearing. has been the occasion where I awoke sideways in my bed. It was due to kicking covers off in my sleep, flailing my arms, then pulling covers back on.

I had my very own version of the game Twister going on…left arm blue, right leg green.

2.      Mood Swings – You may have experienced these at other times in your life, but at that ripe age of…menopause, mood swings resurface. While watching a touching T.V. commercial one day, I suddenly felt a warm sensation coming from my eyes. Tears. “Am I crying over a T.V. commercial?” My subconscious asked. Yep. Menopause.

3.      Incontinence - I just read about this as one of the symptoms. All I can say is when you sneeze, squeeze your legs together really tight. Jumping jacks may pose a bit of a challenge as well.

While not everyone will experience all of the signs/symptoms of menopause, just laugh your way through. You may experience hair loss on your head and hair growth on your toes, but hey, life goes on. You can still have joy.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Fitness Friday - 3 Ways to feel Fit, Fine and Fabulous

A-Train's SuperFit - Morning workout crew

Have you ever said the words, “I want to get in shape…or I want to improve my health?” Well, the time is now, roll off the couch and get moving. Nike says, Just Do It. Gospel singers Mary, Mary say, Go Get Your Blessing, I say If you believe it, you can achieve it.”

How can you feel fit, fine and fabulous? I’m glad you asked. Create a Strategic Success Plan. This can be a plan for you life as well as your fitness goals. Let’s just focus on fitness for today. Here are 3 ways to help you feel fit, fine and fabulous.

1.      Get enough rest
2.      Meal portion control
3.      Workout at your peak energy time
This sounds simple enough right? Sure it does (I like to answer my own questions). The experts (whomever they are) say we are more accountable/successful when we put our goals in writing. Create your vision. Scripture says “…write your vision and make it plain.” Habakkuk 2

You may be familiar with the strategy of setting SMART goals.
Specific (simple)
Measurable (motivating)
Achievable (attainable)
Realistic (reasonable)
Timely (time-based)
You don’t have to wait until the New Year to get started. Take the SMART path and begin somewhere. Find your “why”, why are you doing this? What will keep you motivated to reach your goal? At the fitness gym I go to, several of the women participated in a challenge called, Operation Party Dress.

Operation Party Dress was an eight week nutrition and fitness challenge. Our goal was to eat ‘clean’, workout 5-6 times each week and take weekly measurements/photos of our progress. The culminating event was a reveal celebration. We donned our most flattering “party” dress and met for dinner and dancing at an elegant restaurant.

The Operation Party Dress challenge was about doing your personal best. You were only in competition with yourself, but you had others to cheer you on with each success.

Operation Party Dress - Grocery Store Tour (Learning to read labels and eat 'clean')
If you are looking to start a fitness program, try a few things and see what works best for you. The women’s fitness gym where I workout, A-Train's SuperFit, offers a free workout on Holidays. If you’re in the Ypsilanti/Belleville/Ann Arbor area stop by Thanksgiving Day, 8-9am (Belleville, MI).Click the link above to check out A-Train's website.

Operation Party Dress Celebration
Take charge of your health. Be the Fit, Fine and Fabulous person you are meant to be. Just Do It. Go Get Your Blessing. Believe it, you can achieve it.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Muffins with Mom – MVP Most Valuable…Parent

Basketballs bounce against hard wood floors, one handed dribbles, cross overs and slam dunks. How do these things relate to parenting? This is how I spent 11 years of my life, beginning with a micro basketball league when my son was six years old. It sounds like a lot when you see this in writing.

My son improved his skill at basketball, the more he practiced and played on organized teams. I improved my parenting skills with each success…and failure. After a 5 on 5 basketball tournament, my young adult son came home with a trophy. On the plate of the trophy were the words, “MVP-Most Valuable Player.”

Gripping the trophy by the figurine, my son stretched his arm in my direction and said, “This one’s for you Ma. You can keep this in your room.”

I placed the prize possession on my dresser and told my son, “I’ll call this my Most Valuable Parent trophy.” My heart felt warm as I thought about the hours spent in gymnasiums- shouting, cheering and sometimes napping between tournament games. A thought hit me as quick as a fly ball in baseball. My Mom on a Mission goal was coming fruition…getting my kids through puberty.

My babies are almost full grown…almost. Although they’re through puberty, my job has not ended, but it has changed. My son must believe his role has changed as well. While searching the store shelves for a multivitamin, I told my son to grab the Gummie vitamins for me. His response was, “Aren’t you a little old for gummie vitamins?”

I purchased the gummie vitamins and when I got home, placed them on the dresser right next to my MVP trophy. It was a symbolic reminder that I’m still the parent and I can make my own decisions.

To all of you who have sat in gymnasiums, football bleachers, at soccer fields or any other events with your child, this award is for you too. You are a MVP – Most Valuable Parent.

What has been your MVP experience?

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wellness Wednesday – Cook Something Bold Day

Shrimp Bowl with Scallion Vinaigrette
You may need to add your own creative spices to this, but it looks good, so I posted it.
Guess what today is…? It’s another wacky Holiday. Today is Cook Something Bold Day. This day was designed to encourage folks to cook something using herbs such as garlic and hot pepper. The idea is that herbs help promote health and longevity.

Change your routine meal, add something spicy to it or try a new recipe. Celebrate Cook Something Bold Day by sharing a bold and spicy meal with a friend. Let the kids help you prepare a special meal. Make this day a reason to celebrate health and wellness.

Below is a recipe to get your taste buds warmed up.

Bold Spicy Chicken

Monday, November 6, 2017

Muffins with Mom – National Saxophone Day – 3 ways to celebrate

Today’s Muffins with Mom is dedicated to National Saxophone Day ‘cause I’m a Mama who likes music. Music soothes the soul. Today, November 6th is celebrated as National Saxophone Day. This day celebrates the birth of Aldophe Sax, instrument maker and musician who designed the first saxophone in 1840.

The saxophone has contributed to a broad range of music – jazz and rock bands, symphony band concerts and chamber music. Did you know the sax came in various varieties? The four most popular varieties are tenor, baritone, alto and soprano saxophones.

Do you have a favorite jazz artist? Maybe you’ve never had an interest in jazz, but you’re will to listen to it for National Sax Day. A few popular artists you can check out are – Grover Washington Jr., Miles Davis and Kenny G.

How will you celebrate National Saxophone Day? Below are three ideas to get you started…
1.      Listen to a broad range of music that the saxophone contributed to.
2.      Learn a new fact about the sax.
3.      Tweet about National Saxophone Day

YouTube video Credit: Allen Music

YouTube Video Credit: merlstrom

What will you do for National Saxophone Day?

Friday, November 3, 2017

Fun Friday - Praise

Do you listen to the radio while you’re getting dressed in the morning? I like to listen to music as I start my day. Sunday morning is no different from the rest of the week. 

As I was getting ready for church one dreary Sunday morning, a song came on the radio that I hadn’t heard in a while. What did I do? I started praising…praising the Lord. And I got my dance on.

Below is what it looked like…

How do you send up shouts of praise? Show a little praise today, and it doesn’t have to be a public display.