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Friday, November 6, 2020

Feel Good Friday – Football and Faith


It’s football season. Is God on the sideline in your life? Put Him in the game, He can play Offense and Defense. Wake up each day and give praise for all that you have, and you will not need to call on God as your Safety, your last line of defense.

Punt, pass, or kick, whatever play you decide to use, be sure your playbook is filled with faith. My son plays college football. I am aware of the dangers associated with this sport, but I don’t dwell on the what if’s – what if he breaks a bone, what if he get’s a concussion?  Well, what if he doesn’t?

What are you dwelling on – is it something from the past, a problem, or worry? Turn those negative things around and dwell on God’s presence. When life’s troubles throw you a pass, let God intercept. He can run faster, jump higher, break holds, and get us through to the end zone of our problems.

I’ve found that when you praise and express joy, even when you don’t feel like it, you eventually feel better. Try it, think of a song that you like; start singing it loudly wherever you are. If there is anyone around listening, and you’re singing off key, ask for forgiveness. It if this doesn’t make you feel better, it WILL bring joy to the person laughing at your singing.

Just a quick story…

I was excited about going to my sons’ football game. As I gathered my stadium chair and other items, I began singing and walking with a bounce in my step. From my bedroom to the living room I sang at the top of my lungs. As I got closer to the dining room my son shouted, “Ma, I’m on a zoom call.”

I heard a voice from his computer say, “Somebody’s happy.”

All I could say was, “Oops,”

How does this story relate to football and faith? I was singing a song about faith as I prepared for the football game. Although football season is my analogy for getting God off the sideline and into your game of life. Your analogy could be different. You may need His guidance and protection as you jump hurdles or swim through deep waters.

May you find strength, peace, and joy with any dilemma you face and any situation that stalls you. Call a time out and get God in the game.

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