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Friday, May 22, 2020

Fun Friday – How do you party during a pandemic?

When was the last time you danced at a party with friends, attended a birthday celebration, or had a girl’s night out? As I reminisced, my mind landed in 1996 B.C. (before children). It was a time when folks my age could still drop it like it’s hot, moving all body parts like a well-oiled machine. Now we must oil those body parts to get them to move. Nevertheless, parties or celebrations are social interactions that connect us to others in a fun setting.

How do you party during a pandemic? You hang out virtually. An invite landed in my Messenger inbox on social media. Let’s have a Girls Night Out. What time works best for you 9 or 10pm? My first inclination was to ask if we can start at 7pm. The consensus was that 9pm worked for everyone. I looked forward to the gathering, but also knew I would have to fight to keep my eyelids in an upright position.

As it got closer to party time, I set up my laptop in a stationary location and dashed off to fix my face and hair.  I slipped on a stylish t-shirt, wrapped a silver necklace around my neck, then pushed my legs through my cotton pajama pants. My outfit was not complete until I added large silver hoop earrings. Five minutes before the party start-time I grabbed a bottle of my favorite flavor of Sparkling Ice water, poured it over a few cubes of ice and I was ready.

After a few clicks on my computer, I was accepted into the celebration. I was greeted with smiling faces, laughter, and subtle music in the background. It was a time of old friends connecting and new friendships established. We played the board game Scattergories. If you’ve never played this game, you must give it a try. You know, I bet the originator of this game came up with this name because you’re given a list of scattered categories.

We played several rounds of the game; the night began to slip away. I yawned a couple of times, then glanced at my phone and saw that it was 11pm. I shut my camera off and carried my laptop to the bedroom and slid under my covers. I must have been off camera a little too long. A friend who was still on camera sent me a text message that said, “Where are you?”

“I’m getting ready for bed.” I clicked my camera back on and rejoined the conversation (as I yawned a couple more times). Shortly afterwards, the host wrapped up the party. Everyone said they had a good time and would do it again. The best part about partying during this pandemic, was that it was a come as you are hangout. Be yourself, relax, and have fun.
Have you been to a virtual party?

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