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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Words of Wisdom - Sing with Your Child Month

When your child doesn't want you to sing

“Sing…sing a song. Sing out loud, all day long. Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone to hear…just sing. Sing a song.” It was in seventh-grade music class that Mr. Brown, wearing a white button-up shirt, rolled-up at the wrists, led this song. He moved his hands like a conductor guiding an orchestra.

Sorry Mr. Brown, I still sing off-key…but I sing anyway. The month of March is celebrated as Sing with Your Child Month. Whether your child is young, a young adult, or…old, singing is a great way to express emotions, make connections, and have fun. If you sway in the wrong direction, clap offbeat, or cause a dog to howl, you’re doing it right.

Here are three ways you can celebrate Sing with Your Child Month:
1.      Sing a favorite song together
2.      Make up a song
3.      Create a music video

The sillier you are, the more fun you will have. Keep in mind, you’re creating a joyful memory.

The video below is an episode from my family memory. It was a road trip turned into a sing-along. Check out the big guy in the background, he’s my brother. Either my lovely singing put him to sleep, or he totally blocked out the sound. What do you think?

What tips do you have for celebrating Sing with Your Child Month?

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