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Friday, March 13, 2020

Fun Friday – The Grapes of Wrath – When college kids come home – 3 Survival Tips

The aftermath of college kids and grapes

The kitchen was quiet, the lights were off. The floor creaked as I stepped across the linoleum to turn on a light. A quick flick of the switch…and POOF, it was as though I had been sucked into a time zone. It was 30 years ago sharing a house with five other girls, and it was DISH NIGHT. Pots with dried cheese, plates piled high, cups all over the counter. We all hated dish night.

My kitchen present-day, housed dishes in the sink and a cluster of dried-out brittle grape vines lay on the countertop. The grapes of wrath. This was a true tell-tale sign that my sons were home from college. One of them pulled all the grapes from the vine, washed them in a colander and left the remnants for me to discover.

It’s a joy to have everyone home for spring break, but it requires readjustment after the cherubs have been out of the nest for a while. There are multiple sets of shoes near the front door, jackets thrown over the arm of the couch, and pizza boxes that never seem to make it to the trash. How do you handle the short visit?

Here are 3 tips for surviving spring break with college kids home:

1.      Reestablish house rules – try this mantra, “if you mess it up, you clean it up”
2.      Spend time together outside of home – go to a movie together, bowling, indoor golf, etc.
3.      Make it memorable – whatever that means to you; make it fun

At the end of the week, the last child grabs his backpack and laundry bag and tosses them into his car. He waves to his Mama Bear as he backs out of the driveway. You smile from the doorway of your home as you ease the door closed. Your kitchen is clean once again, the floor creaks beneath your slow, quiet steps. No grapevines, no mess. You survived a visit from your college kids…this time.

What do you do to survive a visit from college kids?

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