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Friday, May 25, 2018

Fun Friday – What to expect when you’re expecting – The College years

Home from college

Saggy diapers to high school dances; riding in a car seat, to asking to borrow your car. Twirling in a dance recital to searching for a prom dress. If you have experienced any of these things, you’ve been in training for College Boot Camp. The sound of pomp and circumstance fades in the distance, graduation open house is a memory. What’s next?

After you’ve submitted college applications and sent your child on college tours, do you really know what to expect? Maybe, maybe not. Here’s a look at the lighter side of what to expect during the college years…

1.      Your young adult calls and says, “I need money.”

2.      College roommate drama…even with boys – roommate leaves dirty dishes, uses your stuff, leaves the living space messy.

3.      Your young adult will bring his dirty laundry home for you to wash OR asks you for money for the laundry at school.

4.      Your daughter arrives home for the summer with her car filled with everything from her dorm room.

5.      Your living space is no longer serene – your son has returned his room back to normal…cluttered.

An old model grey Honda pulled into my driveway. I could see the shadow a head in the driver’s seat, surrounded by duffel bags, boxes, dishes and football gear. My son had arrived home for the summer, with more than he took to school.

My son was so excited to see me that he spent an entire five minutes with me before leaving to hang out with friends. Hours later he returned to unload everything from his car and into our living room. My quiet space was overflowing with…stuff. The college years…

Home from college...car unloaded

No more saggy diapers, no more riding in car seats and the prom dress search is a memory. The college years are on the horizon and ready for new experiences.

Have you experienced the college years with your son or daughter? What has been your experience?

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