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Monday, May 28, 2018

Motivational Monday – Mothers are Queens

Happy Memorial Day. Today in the U.S. we honor the memory of fallen soldiers and give thanks to others for their service. If you know a veteran share a word of gratitude with him or her. Some veterans were also mothers, today we will focus on mothers as queens.

It’s not Mother’s Day, nor does it have to be, for you to recognize and honor mothers for all that they do. Do you believe mothers should be treated as queens? This is exactly how they were received at an event in their honor at East Vernor Church of God in Christ in Detroit.

I was invited to the event to share comedy with the group, but the event was much more than that. I also received from the group. As I entered the event, I was greeted by a smiling face that asked my name. She then announced, “We have Queen Angie.” She placed a crown on my head and handed me a scepter (ink pen).

Each woman who entered the event was greeted in the same manner. The women enjoyed love, laughter, food and fellowship. The catered meal was a delight to our palets – savory chicken breast, vegetarian lasagna, red skinned potatoes, and seasoned green beans. Mmm. I’m getting hungry all over again. What was my point? Oh yes, mothers.

Mothers are Queens. This event was organized by the First Lady of the church, Donna Payne. She wanted to honor the mothers of her church for all that they do. She and her team did a wonderful job of treating everyone like queens. Teamed up with the ladies at our tables we played a number of games.

It was obvious the event was well thought out. There were gift bags with a single letter attached to the front. Together the letters spelled “Mothers are Queens.” Everyone came away a winner of something. The event ended with women embracing each other and sharing their enjoyment of the event.

Lady Donna, job well done. Thank you for making each person feel special.

Mothers are Queens. Honor your mother or mother figure today.

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