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Monday, January 13, 2014

Muffins with mom - The night the dishes took over

Warm up your day with a homemade cranberry muffin, then prop your feet up, relax your shoulders and read on.
Do you remember that famous line from The Wizard of Oz—“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!?” Here’s a line you can sing as you walk through my kitchen—“Pot and pans and bowls, oh my!” It all began when I told my son to put away the clean dishes.

Pots and pans gone wild (kinda).

My son shuffled into the kitchen with the speed of someone just sentenced to death row. I tried to tune out his protests of “Why do I have to do it? I put away the dishes last time.” I left him to finish his sentence  task in solitude.
When I returned to the kitchen to prepare dinner, I found items in disarray. You would have thought my son had just moved in with our family, nothing was where it should be. As I opened one cabinet, plastic bowls flew from the shelf.

I could feel the pots and pans screaming from their place in the cabinet. When I opened the cabinet, there were large pots stacked on top of smaller ones and lids scattered. Nothing neatly assembled as it usually fits.
As I pulled out the items I needed for dinner, I reassembled a few things. It was like working a Rubik’s Cube as I restacked pans, twisted pot handles and turned lids around.

My son later told me that his friend helped put away the dishes. His friend had heard me say that the chores had to be done before, he could have an overnight guest. I guess that’s the color of friendship. But, I wonder if the friend would have willingly put away dishes at his house? Hmmm.
Have dishes ever taken over your kitchen, clean, dirty, or otherwise?

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