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Friday, January 3, 2014

Feel Good Friday - Are you feeling blessed?

I came across a phrase recently that I want to share with you today. As you reflect on the year that has just passed, how would you complete this phrase, "God has blessed me with...?"

My answer would include:

Health -  I kept a consistent workout routine in 2013, took vitamins (sometimes) and ate fruits and vegetables (maybe not the daily recommended amount, but I got them in).

Strength - I had the strength to maintain a workout routine, work, attend my kids events and even wrestle with my son on occasion (he tries to prove he's stronger than I am, of course I quit if he has the upper hand). This included emotion and physical strength.

Writing Networking Opportunities - It was great to attend a writing/revision retreat in the fall where I reconnected with friends and met new people. And I can forget the blessing of a new laptop (Mother's Day) that traveled with me to the conference and other writing journeys.

What about you, what were some of your blessing highlights for 2013?

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