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Monday, January 6, 2014

Muffins with Mom – New Year’s Eve Celebration

Photo credit: www.kcconfidential.com

Welcome to a new year and a new episode of Muffins with Mom. Recline in your favorite arm chair with a muffin and a warm beverage. A Banana Nut muffin and a steaming cup of decaf with Hazelnut is my choice today.

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This year was a different kind of New Year’s Eve Celebration. My teen boys went to a lock-in at a recreation/church sponsored event. We left at the same time, exchanged hugs and wished each other a Happy New Year.
I went to a service that featured actors David and Tamela Mann. He entertained the audience with comedy and she bellowed out the sweet sound of one of her famous gospel songs, Take Me to the King. The event culminated with a preached message and I was on my way home before 11pm.

On my way home…that is when I had a quiet moment alone in the car to think (especially since the radio wasn’t working). It’s amazing the things one can think about during a quiet car ride. I discovered how dry my skin really is.

Since it was a snowy night, I kept my legs warm by wearing tights with my skirt. As I scratched my leg, I discovered a new sound. It was sort of musical as I rubbed my hand across my leg. Close your eyes and imagine the sound of wood kindling in a fire. Only the crackling sound was my dry hand going across my tights. I don’t think I snagged a hole in them.

While driving I had a flashback of the closing prayer, where the pastor asked everyone to hold hands. Oooo. I had to connect with someone while I had alligator skin and no time to grab the hand lotion from my purse.

I made it home, found some moisture rich cream for my hands, and then snuggled under a pile of blankets. After sending well wishes to friends and family, I welcomed in the New Year then went into a deep slumber.

Happy New Year to you, my blogger friends!

How did you welcome in the New Year?


  1. My skin is like that now, too—especially with these cold temps!

    My husband and I watched a movie and then watched the ball drop. We haven't done anything exciting since we had kids! LOL

  2. Dana, I truly understand. Sometimes it's a struggle for me to stay awake. lol.

  3. The muffins looks yummy.

    I saw Tamela in Philadelphia last year. She "rocked the house" with Take Me to the King.

    I can tell you welcomed the New Year in a very pleasant mood. I want to have a more spiritual life this year.