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Monday, November 12, 2018

Muffins with Mom – A menopausal moment

As I write this post, it’s been one of those days where it’s hot one minute and cold the next. It’s not a result of the crazy Michigan weather. It’s a result of my crazy menopausal body temperature.

How do you recognize a menopausal moment? Below are my top 5 signs that indicate you may be experiencing a menopausal moment.

1.      Your young adult son is searching for his razor and you realize you had it last for your mustache.
2.      Your friend says, “Oh, I’m turning into my grandmother.” Your response is, “I’m turning into my grandfather…same beard and everything.”
3.      You’re riding in the car with the heat on and the window slightly down.
4.      The eyebrows you drew on to cover your grey hairs, begin to sweat off.
5.      You take a supplement for hair, nails and skin; your hair begins to grow strong…under your chin.

If you experience any of the above signs of menopause, you are not alone. Make a deliberate effort to uncover the humor of the situation. Know that this phase is only temporary. Remember this mantra, “a chuckle a day, keeps stress at bay.”

Don’t sweat the small stuff…literally and figuratively speaking.

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