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Friday, November 23, 2018

Fun Friday – Home for the Holidays

A throwback memory
The Holiday season can be crazy busy with people dashing here and there. It is also an opportunity to appreciate the little things that bring great joy. Family home for the Holidays satisfies my immediate joy, in an amusing manner.

College Kids
College kids. Can we still call them kids if they’re in college? Anyway, both of mine are home. I had temporarily forgotten what it felt like to have both my young adults home. It didn’t take long for the flood of memories to resurface.

My house is well lit on the inside, with lights on in every room…rooms that are unoccupied. I guess this is my gift to the utility company. Perhaps the lights were left on so I could see the stack of empty pizza boxes that never made it to the trash.

Before I make it to where the pizza boxes reside, I stop along the way to pick up sweatpants, a hoodie and one sock. The bending and stooping serve as a prelude to my exercise regimen. It’s wonderful to have my offspring home, but I believe they’ve forgotten the house rules.

A few of the rules are fairly simple…

--if you take it out, put it away.
--turn off lights when leaving a room.
--take care of other chores as assigned.

The sound of a T.V. blares from a bedroom, there are sounds of grunting and bumping against a wall, and lots of laughter. My college kids are home for the Holidays, creating more memories.

Another trip down memory lane

Mama’s House
Ahhh, Mama’s house, always a place of comfort; moments filled with laughter, watching movies and napping after dinner. Before to trekking off to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, the following conversation ensued.

My brother (to mom): What do you want me to bring to your house on Thanksgiving?
Mama: A hammer, nails, screwdriver and a plunger. I have a lot of things that need to be fixed.
Me:      I’ll be there after all the work is done.

A short while after this conversation, I received a text from mom that said, “Your brother will bring tools and make Kool-Aid.”

I said, “Is he using the tools for the Kool-Aid?”

The tools were not for the Kool-Aid. My mom got her home repairs, we ate a small feast and enjoyed everyone being home for the Holidays.

Wishing you a season of all things joyous.

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