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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sowing seeds

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I read a devotional recently that talked about sowing seeds. It said that if you want to see your dreams fulfilled, help someone else fulfill his dreams. Sometimes we are consumed by our challenges and struggles that the last thing on our mind is to help someone else.
When my grandfather was about 65 years he was very active and always on the go. One day when I asked him where he was off to he said, “I’m going to cut grass for the old people.” Humor was his trademark as he helped those around him.

As a teenager I watched my grandfather with his push mower and weed whacker, cutting lawns and expecting nothing in return. When he wasn’t mowing lawns, he was visiting the sick or praying with someone.
The devotional I read said that if you’re having a problem, one of the best things you can do is to help someone else solve their problem. If my grandfather had problems, we never knew, because he was always helping someone else.

Parenting is like sowing seeds. When are children are young we teach them right from wrong (planting seed stage). We nurture them as they grow, instilling moral values (watering your seeds, providing sunlight). Until one day, we receive our harvest (seeing our child to adulthood).
My grandfather experienced his harvest through great health most of his 95 years. He lived at home and continued to help family even when he was no longer mobile. As a parent my grandfather taught by doing. He sowed seeds of faith for our family and my mother picked up the torch and carried on.

When you sow seeds you can expect a harvest.

How will you begin to sow seeds today?

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