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Friday, October 11, 2013

If I shut down – A parent’s satire of the US government shutdown

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The Today Show on NBC TV recently aired a story about a Twitter conversation they started. In relationship to the US Government shut down, they posed the statement, “If I shut down…” One mom tweeted that is she shut down, carpools would be disrupted.
Today I pose this same statement to you, “If I shut down…” What would your place of employment look like if you shut down, how would your household be affected? My household consists of two teenage boys capable of caring for their basic needs, but they still tend yell call for mom at every opportunity.

If I shut down my household will look like this…
“Ma, have you seen my phone?...MA, MA, I can’t find my phone, can you help me?”

“Ma, who is going to pick me up from practice?”
“Ma we’re out of eggs, and pancake mix, what can I eat for breakfast?”

There are a ton of other things I fear would happen if I shut down. I wonder if my son would clean his room without my prodding him. I already feel like I’m jumping hurdles when I enter his domain. I’m sure there would also be long nights of watching T.V. or playing video games.
This topic of a parent shut down reminded me of a family movie I’ve enjoyed called Mom’s on Strike (ABC Family). In the movie, mom was constantly working to balance her professional work with household duties. When her husband and kids forgot her birthday, she rebelled by refusing to cook or clean until she felt appreciated.

If I shut down…I know my family could handle it, but they wouldn’t want to. If you feel the idea of a shutdown formulating, take a deep breath and know that, this too shall pass.
Leave your response to the statement, “If I shut down…”

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