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Friday, January 8, 2021

Fun Friday – A Full House – 5 Tips to Save on Your Energy Bill with College Kids Home


Photo Credit: CJS Heating and AC Repair

Do you remember the 80’s sitcom, Full House? It was the TV show where extended lived together. My house doesn’t hold extended family, but it feels like it with college kids taking up space that was once empty.

The energy company sent me an email with a summary of my electric usage for the month. According to them…”based on your usage, your next bill will be higher than this time last year.” Hmm. College kids home.

I was sent tips on how to conserve energy, but not one of them said send the kids back to school. Nor did it say turn the heat down on them during the day. One son already complained to me about the thermostat temperature. He said, “Ma we have to walk around in coats because hot flashes keep you warm.”

I ignored my son and came up with tips for lowering your energy bill with college kids at home:

1.      Eat by candlelight, keep the lights off and watch a movie as a family.

2.      Let your student was all of their clothes in one load: no separation of colors.

3.      Show them (again) how to wash dished by hand; give the dishwasher a break.

4.      Do not allow space heaters to be operated for hours, in an empty room.

5.      You must get in the shower within two minutes of turning it on – no more going to another room for five minutes or walking through the house for random items.

My house is full…with two college students, unpacked duffle bags, pizza boxes, and loud talking and laughter in the middle of the night. Perhaps this is an exaggeration…middle of the night for me is 9pm.

Just like in the sitcoms, every family has their issues. And just like in the sitcoms, we’ll come to some resolution of our problem in 30 minutes. However, it may take an entire season to establish new habits.

What fun tips do you have for lowering your energy bill?


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