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Monday, June 15, 2020

Motivational Monday – Reflections – Looking Back and Moving Forward

A basketball slammed against the concrete in the distance. Green leafy garden plants swayed with the wind. Me, I was nestled against a plastic lawn chair in the corner of my front porch, absorbing my surroundings.

It was a lazy afternoon in my neighborhood – kids on bikes zooming past in one direction, and joggers in another direction. It was an ideal time for reflection. Can we move forward without looking back? Not need to dwell in the past, but it is part of the backstory.

What were you doing one year ago at this time? Did you have kids in school? Were you preparing for a vacation? It is 365 days later, and the world is vastly different. Our thoughts are different, our kids are in a different place emotionally, and there is a lot of uncertainty.

Yes, stores and restaurants are opening slowly in some areas, malls are reopening, but with caution and precautionary measures. Colleges are preparing for fall classes and planning for distance learning in an on-campus environment. My son asked me, “Ma, where am I going to live this year?”

We made many attempts to get out of the apartment lease, since the school year ended abruptly, and my son was not residing there. Dorms on some college campuses are making single room available to students, as well as decreasing class sizes. These things are in preparation for moving forward with reopening safely for students in light of COVID-19.

During this time of COVID-19 we’re dealing with racial tensions and social justice issues. It is a tough conversation to have with your child, but the elephant in the room must be addressed.  What do you say to your young adult child, your high school student, and younger children? Transparency and honesty will be key. It doesn’t hurt to pray about what you want to say.

Look back and reflect on positive, fun, family moments, and use those moments as a foundation for moving forward. As seasons change, this crisis that the world is going through will change as well. We must create positive ways to weather the storm. Be encouraged, you are not alone. Together we can.

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