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Friday, June 19, 2020

Fun Friday – Adventures in Yard Work

I have never proclaimed to have a green thumb but as Dr. Doolittle talked to animals, I’ve held a conversation or two with my house plants. My plants have been maturing quite nicely over the past year, so I decided – why not test my luck outside?

My Hosta’s plants bloomed beautifully with their two-toned green and white leaves. They shared the flowerbed surrounded by Red and Fuchsia Impatience – aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Satisfied with my outdoor beautification plan, my confidence was boosted, and I was ready for a new project – coaxing my Brown grass to become Green. This project required the distribution of lime across my yard. First, I had to unbury the Spreader which was in a corner of the garage, wedged between the snow blower and old car tires. Don’t ask.

The Spreader

I pulled the light-weight Spreader into the open and dumped the lime into its base. Squeezing the handle as I paced back and forth across the grass, released tiny seeds onto the crunchy grass. That Brown grass was as wiry as my Grey hairs and equally uncooperative. Lime was my solution…for the grass, not my hair.

Front yard complete, it was time to move on to the backyard. The space was wide open terrain, except for the slight maneuvering around a barbecue grill and a set of stairs leading up to a sliding door. Fresh air penetrating my nostrils and sunshine darkening the hue of my skin, I was again on a mission – to return life to the grass in my backyard.

All was going well, I was walking the last section of the yard, felling proud of my savviness. Then something happened that changed the dynamics of my stride…a small black rodent shot across my path. I was momentarily stunned and stopped for a split second. Was that a mouse? I was not waiting around to confirm my belief.

I grabbed the Spreader, attempted to quickly dump the remainder of the lime. It wasn’t moving quick enough for me. I picked up the spreader with two hands and began swinging it around in circles, dumping the lime wherever it landed. There may be one patch of grass that won’t make it back to it’s normal state. I got out of that yard as quickly as my extra weighted quarantined body would carry me.
I’ll stick to house plants.

Plants in Waiting

When was the last time you had fun working in the yard?

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