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Friday, June 12, 2020

Fun Friday – Humor is Serious Business

Did you know that laughter and humor have health benefits? They are excellent stress relievers. Laughter, and humor has been said to lower anxiety, is good for cardiovascular health, and laughing is plain old fun. Have you ever thought about writing humor or performing comedy?

It is time to take humor seriously. Make humor a part of your daily life. You will soon discover that humor is all around you. Think about a recent episode that made you laugh or smile. What was it about that situation that brought a smile to you face?

During this time of stay home orders, my sons and I have spent more time together than we have in a long time. Quite often we found ways to amuse ourselves. My younger college son stood in front of a mirror with me and made goofy faces.

We cocked our heads to one side, crossed our arms resting them on our chest, and stared at our reflections. I was the first to speak, “You know, we really do look alike. Same eyes, same nose, even the same thick mustache.”

Humor is serious business. My mustache was not really as thick as my son’s, on the bright side, neither were my sideburns. Finding humor is a matter of perception. I recently learned about an online comedy workshop. The workshops are interactive and “focus on writing comedy material and the business of comedy.”

The four-week workshop is taught through Zoom and taught by Dave Schwensen. Dave’s credits include Talent Coordinator for the TV show A & E’s An Evening at the Improv, The Hollywood and New York City Improv Comedy Clubs.

Find out more about the comedy workshops by clicking here. A new session is beginning soon. I do not receive payment or gifts for new students, but the class sounds like fun. Step out of your comfort zone, have fun exploring your creative side.

Write down your ideas when they come to you, they can disappear quickly

It’s time to get serious about humor, your health could depend on it.

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