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Friday, July 6, 2018

Fun Friday – My son the aeronautical engineer

It’s summer camp season and my sons are at camp everyday…as camp counselors. Every day they have unique stories about their day. One day my son came home and said to his brother, “I made one paper airplane, then all the kids asked for one.”

I told my son, “You’re an aeronautical engineer.”

There was a sparkle in my other son’s eyes as he said, “I can use that on my resume, aeronautical engineer.”

The planes my son created were not passenger jets, nor were they space shuttles. The paper designs could be considered fighter planes. The kids became pilots, launching their planes through the air, some soaring, others spinning and a few needed tweaking. Laughter and screams filled the air.

Mission accomplished. Kids were entertained, had fun and went home tired. My son was an aeronautical engineer for one day, but in “real life” he’s majoring in business. The kids at camp look up to him, not just because he’s 6’3”, but because of the lessons they learn. One of those lessons being, it’s okay to have fun.

Both of my sons said, “Now I see how it was when the kids used to run up to you saying, Ms. Angie, Ms. Angie.” When the kids are excited, they leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that you have touched them in some way.

My sons have unknowingly followed in my footsteps through their involvement with summer day camps. From camper to camp counselor and beyond, I encouraged my sons to grow where they are planted and enjoy the journey. Be an inspiration to someone who crosses your path.

No matter whether you’re an aeronautical engineer, college student, other laborer, you can be appositive influence in someone’s life. How will you encourage someone today?

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