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Friday, April 20, 2018

Fun Friday – National Humor Month

photo credit: My Identity Doctor

“Always laugh when you can, its cheap medicine.” – Lord Byron

Are you stressed at home or work? Find something to laugh about. The month of April is celebrated as National Humor Month AND National Stress Awareness Month. Perhaps it’s not you who is stressed, but a friend. Make them laugh. Let me help you find something to laugh about.
Journey with me though an atypical work day…

Traffic was bumper to bumper on my morning commute to a conference for work. After an hour of traveling at a snail’s pace, my coworker and I arrived late. The only seats left in the small room, were in the first two rows. She sat in the first row. I spotted the continental breakfast table, grabbed a bagel and coffee I forced and slid into the second row seat.

The first half of the day went well. Lunch was served - a half sandwich, salad, a spoonful of pasta and kettle chips. Surely I would be okay and alert during the afternoon portion of the workshop.
One hour into the afternoon session, and my eyelids became like steel doors, heavy, closing slowly. I forced my eyes to remain open, by doing a repeated eyebrow raises. I twisted in my chair, I played with my hair, but I lost the battle.

Before I could catch myself, my body relaxed, and my head SNAPPED backward. I quickly opened my eyes and tried to regain my composure. I got out of my seat and strolled to the refreshment table for a chocolate chip cookie.

I stood at the back of the room a few minutes, in an attempt to shake the sandman off my back. When I returned to my seat, I texted my mother and said, “I just fell asleep at my workshop and I’m sitting in the second row.”

My mother texted back and said, “Lord, please send your Holy Spirit to keep this child awake!”
If you find yourself in a stressful situation or experiencing a stressful day, find a way add a bit of humor.

Do you have a story to share for National Humor Month?

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