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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wellness Wednesday - 3 Tips for a healthier you

photo credit: Better Homes & Garden - January 2018

Do you like the way you feel when you're healthy? Who doesn't? We often hear experts say, "make time for yourself. Find time to relax." If you want to keep that healthy feeling, you have to listen to the experts.

Here are health 3 tips for you to embrace...starting now.

1. Exercise
2. Establish healthy eating habits
3. Make time to unplug and recharge

The January 2018 issue of Better Homes & Garden has articles that can motivate you to get started. One article tells how to carve out time to recharge your body. It tells which colors and fragrances give a calming effect. Another article tells of the benefits of exercising just 30 minutes a day.

photo credit: Better Homes & Garden - January 2018
What tips would you add to promote a healthier lifestyle?

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