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Friday, January 19, 2018

Fun Friday – 5 Signs you’re losing weight

I think I’m losing weight, but there’s a caveat to my success. Here’s my story.

Early one morning before birds were awake, I dragged myself from the bed and dressed in my flamboyant workout gear. I was feeling daring that morning. My attire was flashy, but not appropriate for what was in store at the gym.

It was a morning of Burpees, Jumping Jacks and a plethora of cardio moves. You must wear what we gym folks call “Burpee pants.” Burpees require jumping onto a step or in front of the step (depending on your comfort level).

After a number of consecutive jumps onto the step, my pants rolled under my stomach and my shirt rose above. However, that was not what made me feel as though I were losing weight. It was the Plank Jack Burpees that got me.

Plank Jack Burpees are not super difficult (until you’re doing a gazillion of them). About halfway through my gazillion Burpees, my footie socks began to slide off my feet. Next, my gym shoes flipping off and on at my heel. I fought through, with sweat running like a faucet down my face and back.

Finally at a gazillion and one Burpees, and breathing heavily, I sat and readjusted my socks and shoes. As my breathing returned to normal, I announced to the women near me, “I think I’m losing weight…in my feet.”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Here’s what a Plank Jack Burpee looks like

YouTube Video Credit: Sally's Fitness Solutions

True signs that you’re losing weight…
1.      Your clothes fit loosely
2.      You feel more energetic
3.      You feel stronger
4.      Face is thinner
5.      Your photos show your progress

What are other weight loss signs that you notice?

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