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Monday, October 24, 2016

Muffins with Mom – The Family scavenger hunt

When was the last time you engaged in an unplanned event with your family? My teen boys and I had an impromptu scavenger hunt around the house. It started out as a game of hide and seek for me. I took my glasses off to read the small print on a label, then walked away to do something else. And that’s when the scavenger hunt began.

I lifted bed pillows, patted the blanket on my bed and checked my eye glass case. I turned in circles like a dog chasing her tail. No glasses. My search was compounded by the fact that I couldn’t SEE very far without the glasses. It was at that realization that I called in the big guns…my teen boys.
“I need help finding my glasses,” I yelled from my bedroom.

No one came running. I yelled out once again, and one son emerged from his bedroom and attempted to help me retrace my steps. After a few minutes I remembered something we could use in our search…my old pair of glasses.

I pulled my old glasses from their resting place and set them upon the bridge of my nose. They were indeed an asset to our hunt. I could clearly see what I was looking for. My other son yelled out commands to us from where he was perched, playing his video game. “Did you check on your bed? That’s where you were reading the form I gave you.”

Sherlock Holmes thought he’d uncovered a clue, but I had in fact, already checked the dresser, the bed and the other locations he yelled out. Since I could see for the time being, I called off the search.

Thirty minutes later, I stumbled upon my glasses. They were in my linen closet, sitting on top of neatly stacked, folded towels. It was the spot where I set them as I grabbed the cold medicine to read the symptoms on the label. It must have been my stuffy nose that also clouded my vision, leading to the missing glasses.

The family scavenger hunt ended where it began, with me.

Have you ever misplaced something and had to involve family members to help you find it?

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