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Monday, October 10, 2016

Muffins with Mom – 3 Tips before starting a DIY project

clearing out weeds

When I started my DIY project, I thought it would mean Do It Yourself…with some help. I searched my house, I called out the names of my precious cherubs, but the teens were nowhere to be found. One was at practice and the other at work. What’s a mother to do? Do it Yourself (DIY).

The last two (or three) times my boys cut the grass, they didn’t cut down the weeds. I heard excuses such as:

“I cut the grass, my brother can do the weeds.”
“I ran out of time.”
“The weed whacker doesn’t work.”

One of the three excuses above was true, the weed whacker does not work. This did not change the fact that the weeds were taking on a life of their own. One sun shining day I stood looking through the kitchen window into my backyard. It was then that I decided the weeds were coming out.

Since I never fixed the weed whacker, I grabbed the nest best thing, a pair of scissors and tackles the weeds. I get rid of everything except one strong branch that had been in the ground so long that it was turning into a tree. I called a friend with a small saw for that one.

Below are three tips to keep in mind when you consider taking on a DIY project.

1.      Do it yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t receive help.
2.      Be sure to have the proper tools for the job before you begin.
3.      Have an idea of how much time you want to devote to the project.

There was one other DIY project that appeared on my task list…pulling up carpet in my living room and dining room. When I began this project, I knew it would take time, so I conquered it in stages. I kept in mind the tips above, I enlisted help where I could find it (even if it was our dog who first volunteered to help-video below).

Once Diamond and I got the carpet job started, my boys completed the job.

What tips do you have for completing a Do It Yourself project?

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