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Monday, May 9, 2016

Muffins with Mom – Determination and drive

Determination and drive

“Success is the best revenge.” My son came home from school one day frustrated about incidents that occurred. We had a discussion about how he should rise above obstacles and that is when I was reminded of the aforementioned phrase.

In our daily walk there will be situations that cause us to question our actions, our purpose, our inner being. Refuel and refocus by making a pledge to yourself.

A Pledge to Myself
Today I plan to be the best possible me no matter how good I am I know I can do better.

Today I plan to build on the works of yesterday, which will lead me into the rewards of tomorrow.

Today I plan to feed my mind knowledge, body strength, and spirit faith.

Today I plan to reach new goals, new challenges, and new horizons.

Today I plan to listen to the best of my drummer, who leads me onward in search of my dreams.

Today I plan to believe in me.

By Michael Wynn

It takes determination and drive to achieve your goals. What steps will you take today to achieve your best?