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Friday, May 27, 2016

Fun Friday – Kids in the kitchen

When I stepped foot into my kitchen the other day, I should have immediately quarantined it as a hazmat area. There appeared to be a cloud of smoke surrounding the entire kitchen. As I inched closer to the counters, I could see a dusting of a white powdery substance. It was also lightly spread across the stove, bottom cabinets and the sink.

Was it flour that was blurring my vision, powdered drink mix? I didn’t know. At one point I thought I needed to clean the lenses of my eyeglasses. I began wiping the counters, and then noticed a dried purple substance around the base of the blender. It was instinct that caused me to tilt my head toward the ceiling to make sure the blender had not exploded sending contents everywhere. Nothing there.

Finally, a little bit of understanding was coming into view. An empty box of baking soda lay dormant on the kitchen table. It was a box that was full two days ago; only a teaspoon had been used in a recipe. What happened? There was no one around to ask, until…

My teen son arrived home from school and I launched into a series of questions. Do you know what happened in the kitchen? Why is there white stuff everywhere? Why didn’t you clean it up?

“Ma, slow down, I tried to clean it up. I wiped the stove.”

“No, you smeared the stove and just redistributed the baking soda. Were you experimenting with something?

“What if I was making something for you? He said grinning.


My son had a half day of school the day he was experimenting in the kitchen. He must have had way too much time on his hands. It looked more like a mad scientist had visited the kitchen, rather than a teen preparing something special. I never saw the end product of what my son was making, nor do I know if it was something edible.

What I did learn from my son, was that it was “move up” day at school. This is a day where all the students try out classes that they will take next year. My son will have a cooking class. Something discussed in that brief encounter with his new teacher must have caused him to come home and test his gourmet skills. I hope she has warning labels on everything in her classroom.

Kids in the kitchen, even if they’re teens need a little guidance. 

What has been your experience with kids and cooking?

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