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Monday, March 10, 2014

Muffins with Mom – The Guinness World Record of excuses given by a teen

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The muffin flavor of the week is a Gingerbread muffin. Grab your favorite muffin as you settle down for this story.
After reading a friends blog about her Guinness World Record of excuses for not working out, I was reminded of my kids and their excuses. When you ask your child to do something does he give you excuses? If not, then you’re lucky. I think my kids have enough excuses to compete for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, spilling out of the mouths of babes is another excuse. As life would have it, my poor teen children have to do chores. On many occasions they do not feel like completing their tasks. Below is a list of their excuses.

1.      It’s not my turn to do it

2.      I did it last time

3.      My knee hurts, I can’t walk

4.      I’m on break

5.      I just got home from school, I need to relax first

6.      I need a break

7.      I’m too tired

8.      When asked to take out the trash or check the mail – “why do I have to do all the outside jobs?”

9.      Can I do it later?

10.  Can I finish playing my (video) game first?

So what do you do when your kids give you an avalanche of excuses? Shovel your own set of excuses right back at them. Here’s a way to respond to the excuses above (re-read the excuse above, and then read the corresponding response below).

1.      Mine either

2.      Me too

3.      My back hurts and my side and my legs, but I’m still moving

4.      Me too, that’s why you have to do it

5.      I just got home from work and I’m relaxing first

6.      You have to work first

7.      I’m more tired

8.      “Why do I have to do all the inside jobs?

9.      Can I feed you later?

10.  Can I add more things to your list of chores?

What would you add to the Guinness World Book of excuses given by a child or teen?




  1. I like that....I use the reverse psychology too.

  2. Yes Cynitra, sometimes you have to stay one step ahead of the kids (-:

  3. Great responses. Can so relate, especially when the job is cleaning her room. A constant struggle with my daughter.