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Friday, July 17, 2020

Fun Friday – The Lighter Side of Family Moments

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Family moments, sometimes they’re warm fuzzy, other times they’re, chaotic and crazy. No matter what there are sure to be times that make you smile. As we transition from stay home orders and migrate back into our communities, take a minute to think about your time spent at home.

Were you home with kids, pets, caring for aging relatives? What were some situations that made you smile? Below are a couple of situations from my reflections.

I’m trying to teach my college age son to be responsible. He has his own car, takes care of it well. But I carry him on my auto insurance. The other day I texted him and said, “Don’t forget to set aside money to give me on your auto insurance.”

He shot a text back, “Okay Sallie Mae, I mean Ma. I get you confused sometimes with the loan company.”

Crowded Garage
I need more time at home to finish taking care of home improvements. Take my garage for instance. What do builders have in mind when they build a two-car garage? For me, a set of instructions is needed. It would include something like this:

·      Only two cars will fit here. Not two cars, a lawn mower, a snow blower, car tires, and a weed wacker.
Every time I back out of my “two-car garage” with two cars in there…I run over the lawnmower wheel.

To say my son doesn’t like leftovers is an understatement and his idea of what constitutes leftovers is…different. He came home one evening after I had put away everything that was cooked.

“Where’s dinner?” he asked.

“Everything is in the fridge,” I said.

“Nooo, now it’s leftovers.”

I rolled my eyes and moved on to do something else. I don’t like to waste food, eventually someone would have to eat it. I reminded my son a couple of days later that we still had food that needed to be eaten.

“”Ma, I don’t want to eat anything else you say we need to hurry up and eat before it goes bad.”

What family moments have you had lately that have made you smile?

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