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Monday, November 25, 2019

Motivational Monday – God’s Protection Plan

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Are you looking for a protection plan that you can trust? Check out the benefits of God’s protection plan.

·         He watches over you 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
·         Comes with an assurance plan – rest assured in the comfort of His loving arms; He will never leave you and always available to listen
·         The plan is FREE – His son (Jesus) paid the price long ago
·         No expiration date on this policy
·         Covers home, auto and life

If you have ever faced a life-challenging situation, you know there is a level of discomfort and uncertainty, maybe even anxiety over the unexpected. As a policy holder of God’s Protection Plan, you can still express joy. Your joy is not dependent on your circumstance because the joy of the Lord is your strength. You can rejoice through it all.

In a sermon, Pastor George W. Waddles, Jr. said, “Rejoice means, I can get through it even when I don’t feel like it.” We have a tendency to become anxious over things that might happen. The Bible tells us to be anxious for nothing. Figuratively speaking, when you have God’s Protection Plan, you have peace of mind.

You may be wondering how to obtain a protection plan. The answer is simple, build your faith foundation. Develop a habit of prayer and giving thanks for all that you have. Put your trust in your heavenly father and His guidance. God’s Protection Plan is free, it’s your choice whether or not to accept it.

Do you have a protection plan? Don’t get caught without assurance.

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