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Friday, November 15, 2019

Feel Good Friday - How do you prepare for a doctors visit?

Photo Credit:  Queensland Health

The alarm sounds, eyes shut tight, I feel for the location of the sound and hit snooze, one, two, more times. I sit up erect on the edge of the bed still refusing to let go of a peaceful slumber. Time to prepare for the day.

Are you doing things that are in the best interest of your health? Are you prepared for your next doctor's visit? Quite often there are things we "meant" to do before the next doctor's visit. I "meant" to lose a couple of pounds. Since that didn't happen for me, I prepared for my visit very creatively.

As I searched through my closet for something to wear, I tossed jeans aside for stretch pants. No heave sweater for me, I grabbed a short-sleeve breathable shirt. My goal was to dress in lightweight clothing that wouldn't add weight to the scale at the doctor's office. Mission accomplished.

Along this journey called healthy living, I have learned to take deliberate steps toward being aware of what is going on with my body. You know, your doctor will ask, "When did you first notice 'X' happening? How long have you been experiencing 'Y'?"

Here are a few suggested ways to prepare for a doctor's visit:

1.  If you are having health concerns track them in a notebook - Perhaps you've experienced frequent headaches. Make note of when they occur - is it after eating certain foods? Do they occur at a particular time of day? etc.

2.  Create a game plan - if your doctor has recommended changes to your health, create a plan for how you will begin that process. Take baby steps, change one thing at a time.

3. Eat healthy and exercise - whatever this means to you...do it. Start somewhere.

What would you had to ways to prepare for a doctor's visit? You do not have to select the thinnest wardrobe like I did. Nor do you have to stand in a yoga pose on the doctor's scale with one foot on and the other leg extended outward.

Schedule regular doctor's visits and make your health a priority.

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