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Monday, October 21, 2019

Motivational Monday – Your Season

Photo Credit: Fearfully Wonderfully Me

Warm sunshine caresses your face, tree branches sway slightly, as you blissfully soak up the gentle energy of your surroundings. Soon this season will drift into the next. Each season brings a different experience…the same is true for life situations. Your season is now.

Have you planted seeds and have been waiting for them to germinate? This is your season to reap what you have sown. There is a gospel song by William Murphy titled, It’s Working. The lyrics say, “This is your season, for grace, for mercy. This is your season, to reap what you have sown.”

One of my favorite lines in that song says, “God is leaning…in your direction.” What harvest are you expecting in your life? Are you anticipating a blessing in the area of your finances, a new job, your health, your family? If you have not done so, plant your seeds now. Water them with faith, and till the soil with prayer.

This is your season. Whether you are in the cold, dark season of winter, or the spring season of things growing and blooming, you are blessed. A friend recommended a book to me that talks about the season of your faith. The title is Don’t Die in the Winter – Your Season is Coming, by Dr. Millicent Thompson.

Whether you are experiencing storms or sunshine, each season is a blessing and a time of growth. Learn from it. Ask yourself, what is this teaching me? What am I supposed to learn from this?

YouTube Video Credit: Global Gospel Group

It’s your season. Be blessed.

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