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Monday, October 14, 2019

Motivational Monday – You Can’t Stop My Praise

photo credit: Grace Lutheran Tampa

The organ music echoed throughout the sanctuary. People began rocking and moving their bodies with the strike of each chord played. The sound of baritone voices shifted everyone’s attention to the back of the church. The male chorus swayed side to side as they marched into the sanctuary.

The first annual concert of the Community Male Chorus was underway. Their theme was, You Can’t Stop My Praise. In the midst of the service, you could feel the joy in the atmosphere. Nothing could stop the positive energy of praise. I left feeling rejuvenated and thought to myself...How often do we take the time to praise the Lord, just because we can?

Start your day with an attitude of gratitude, a jump for joy, give a shout in the shower. Don’t let anything stop your praise. You may be anticipating a day of meetings, appointments, or facing health challenges, but don’t back down before your breakthrough. Praise anyway. You may be the light that someone else needs, to see their way through a situation.

Every day is a blessing and another opportunity to shout praises. You may not be listening to organ music or bobbing your head as a choir marches in, but you can praise in your own fashion. Let your light shine.

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