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Friday, September 19, 2014

Fun Friday – Picture Day

School has been in session a couple of weeks for my son and already it is picture day. My teen son doesn’t like to smile in photos. He likes to have the tough guy, football player face. One morning as we were preparing for the day, I told my son, “Let’s take a mother/son photo.” The photo above is what I got…resistance.
The photo experience my son and I shared was just a prelude or foreshadowing of what was to come. Picture Day at his school. While at work, I received a text from my son that read, “lol they forced me to smile.”

Sitting at my desk, I burst out laughing and responded with, “I tried to get you to practice taking a photo with me.”

My son later told me that the photographer clicked four photos and couldn’t get him to smile. She then resorted to calling over a couple of his friends who got him to laugh. My son tried to turn away from the camera to laugh, but another photographer held his knees in place. After double teaming him, one of the photographers finally captured my son’s picture.
After the struggle and tireless effort on behalf of the photographers to capture a memorable moment…my son forgot to take the photo envelope containing the payment. Fortunately he was able to turn in the payment the next day. I can only wonder whether the photographer made this exception because of the extra work she put in.

My son’s photo escapade reminded me of a picture book by an author friend Deborah Diesen. Her book is titled, Picture Day Perfection and is illustrated by Dan Santat. It’s a fun book, well worth a read. I liked the surprise ending. I’ll have to wait to see how my son’s photo day ended.
What has been your experience with picture day?

My son smiled here because he was successful in cutting me out of the photo.

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  1. Love that! Impressive persistence on the part of the photographer!