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Monday, March 20, 2017

Muffins with Mom – The dome and other teen colloquialisms

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My teen son was excited to share with me a poem he created. The words slid from his mouth with rhythm. They bounced like the jab, jab, punch pattern of a boxer. And when the last phrase was delivered, he smiled and said, “That was off dome.”

Dome. My son was not referring to a covered shelter where indoor sports take place. Nor was he referring to the ceiling light in our car. For this teenager, off the dome, meant, off the top of his head.

On another occasion, I asked my son if the outfit I was wearing looked okay. He said, “It’s smooth.” Smooth. My son was not referring to the feel of a stone found lying on the ground. In the context of my son’s sentence, smooth, meant something looked nice or was cool.”

In a conversation with my son, I learned that teens are always on “the gram.” Could this be in relationship to a telegram? Maybe. The gram is a way to deliver a message, however, the reference is to Instagram. Teens use this social media to instantly deliver pictures and videos.

Teens seem to have a language of their own and they understand each other. Quite often when in a conversation with my teen son, he will stop mid-sentence and ask, “Do you know what that means?” Most of the time I am able to provide the correct meaning.

Do you speak the language of teen? What words have you heard a teen use that required you to draw conclusions about the meaning?

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