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Monday, July 4, 2016

Muffins with Mom – Independence Day

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Boom, crackle, hiss, it’s the sound of Independence Day in the United States. Time to enjoy the July 4th celebration with family and friends. There will be plenty of parades, picnics and people that weave together lasting memories.

As I prepare to attend our local Independence Day Parade, a thought occurred to me about how we prepare our children to become independent. Perhaps an Independence Day celebration would be appropriate as a child transitions into adulthood. This is still a work in progress with my teens.

I told my teen son more than once to get his chores done. After much prodding, my son dragged himself from the bedroom to the kitchen, where his task awaited. He stood motionless for a moment then talked into his phone. I heard him say, “Siri, how can I get out of doing chores?”

I shook my head as my son chuckled at Siri’s answers. When he showed me some of the responses, I said, “You know that’s going to be a blog post, right?”

As a result of this episode with my son, I did a Google search of my own about excuses kids give for not doing their chores. Below are a few things from a list I discovered from the online list as well as a few of my own.

1.      I need to eat first.
2.      I didn’t know you wanted me to do that right away.
3.      I just remembered a homework assignment that I have to finish.
4.      I had a long day at school.
5.      You don’t understand how tired I am from football practice.
6.      I need to relax for a while first.

All of these ideas stimulated a discussion about the significance of doing chores and how this can help later in life. It wasn’t easy for my son to see the big picture, but I think he understood a few points

When things finally click and my teens mature into adult hood, rockets will blast, fireworks will pop and bursts of color will explode…if only in my mind.

What have been your Independence Day experiences related to your children?

Happy Independence Day!

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