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Friday, July 15, 2016

Fun Friday – Comedy in the air

somewhere over the rainbow...

On a recent airplane trip, the flight attendant came on the microphone and announced the routine instructions. He began by telling us, “This is a no smoking, no complaining, no whining flight.” After an outburst of chuckles, he had our attention.

The flight attendant continued with his safety instructions. Some people were actively listening, while others were preoccupied with arranging their belongings. It was at that moment the flight attendant said, “Good luck to the six of you who paid attention.”

I was feeling pretty at ease with the comedic banter of the flight attendant…until it was snack time. Slightly famished, I was looking forward to a quick snack on our short flight. Since I had not flown in a while, I wasn’t sure the quantity of snacks and what type I could take, so I didn’t take much.

After the fasten seat belt sign was turned off, we were told that we could move about the cabin and that snacks would come around soon. It was also announced that since there was someone on board with a nut allergy, we would be served pretzels. Totally understandable, until…

The package of pretzels was smaller than I expected. Just for fun. I dumped the pretzels onto a napkin and counted them. There were 12 micro, mini, minuscule, pretzels. I craned my neck to see if I could find the funny flight attendant. Surely this was a part of his humor. Since it was a no complaining flight, I chewed my mini pretzels slowly, one at a time, to savor the flavor.

At the end of the flight I thanked the flight attendants for their service and gave kudos to the pilots for getting us to our destination safely. Overall, I don’t care about the snacks; I’m more impressed with quality service and a safe landing.

Everyone appeared to have followed the rules on our flight – no smoking, no complaining and no whining.

What comedic episodes have you experienced lately?

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