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Monday, July 25, 2016

Muffins with Mom – Camp lessons

It’s summertime, school is out, but that doesn’t mean learning stops. My teen son spent the day at football camp and I spent the day at a writer’s boot camp. He huddled on the turf, I huddled at a conference room table. Both of us were going after our passions.

The sun was blazing, the air was dry and it was barely 8:00am. Knuckles on the ground and cleats digging into the grass, my son was in position for the grind of the day.

The day spent at camp was all about opportunities. For my son, it was all about exposure. He wanted a chance to display his skills as well as build upon what he already knew. My opportunity was in the form of being surrounded by fellow writers and authors, sharing and learning from each other.

After camp my son and I had a short debriefing. He said, “Ma, it was so hot, it felt like my cleats were melting on my feet, but I was a beast.”

Translation – he was in top form, did a good job.


While I was not a beast at my camp, I did manage to gain key information to help take my writing to the next level. The lessons learned for both me and my son were – self-awareness, improved skill, and new motivation.

Picture Book Writer's Boot Camp with author Lisa Wheeler
Writer's Bootcamp - Adrian College (MI)

What opportunities have you embraced lately?

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