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Friday, April 1, 2016

Fitness Friday – Overcoming weight loss challenges

Are you excited when you lose weight? Last month I lost a couple of pounds when I had the flu. No need to feel sympathetic for me, I feel much better, and those lost pounds have found their way home. When I told my son about the lost pounds, he said I didn’t lose them, I just misplaced them.

The process of losing weight or maintaining healthy weight goals can be a challenge. I have discovered that it is best to embrace the glass is half full outlook rather than the glass is half empty. In other words find the silver lining in a dismal situation. Okay, enough adages and philosophical stuff.

What do you do when faced with a weight challenge? Address it head on. Prepare yourself for potential challenges in advance, have a plan. For instance, when planning a vacation, go into it knowing that your routine will be different. You may not be able to prepare meals as you would at home. You may not be able to engage in your normal workout. Have an alternate plan.

On a recent vacation, my alternate plan was to travel with snacks so I wouldn’t grab just anything and eat it. The best laid plans may not go exactly as you see it, but it’s better than no plan at all. I was armed with an apple in my purse, water in a cooler, but I still had my Cheez-Its and Pringles.

The other part of my maintain and not gain plan was to commit to exercising as often as was feasible during the five day journey. One hotel did not have a workout facility so I did stretches in the room. The next hotel did have a workout room and I took full advantage of it. Not only did I complete 40 minute workout, I was amused along the way.

It was early morning, before the sun made its transition on the scene that I ventured off to the small fitness center. There was an elliptical machine and a few treadmills. I was the only person in the room, to pass the time while on the treadmill; I began to read the signs posted on the wall. One sign contained the rules of the fitness center.

The first rule said, “Do not exercise alone.” Oops. Too late, that rule was broken. I remained in the fitness center, committed to my plan to exercise. I made each step count throughout my trip. Wherever there were stairs, I chose the stairs over the elevator. Although I induldged in special treats, I didn’t allow myself to feel guilty.

Being healthy isn’t just about losing weight, it’s choosing a healthy lifestyle, but every now and then I’d like to wish away a couple of pounds.

Have you ever experienced any weight loss challenges? How did you handle them?

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