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Friday, April 8, 2016

Fitness Friday – Capturing a great moment

Have you ever experienced a time where you felt good about your workout? It’s that time when you’ve pushed yourself five minutes more or completed one more push-up than you did last time. My brother experienced one of those moments and asked someone to capture a picture of him in action.

My brother was pumping iron on the Hammer Press, four sets of 12 repetitions with 400 pounds. It was the most weight his 40ish body had handled in a great while. He asked mom to take a picture of him. The only thing is she misinterpreted his request…and videotaped the exercise.

Neither my brother nor mom knew their conversation was being recorded. The gist of the conversation was that my mom told my brother, “You’ll have to do it over, I didn’t get the picture.”

My brother responded with, “I can’t do that again, that’s 400 pounds.”

Take a peek at the video below.

Whether you capture your great moment on video or not, remember a fitness routine is all about doing your personal best.

What has been your greatest fitness success lately?

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