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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Words of Wisdom – Success is an inside job

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There were nearly 200 people in the audience on that early Saturday morning I attended a speakers workshop. The guest speaker captivated the audience as she walked onto the stage with poise and spoke with confidence as she told us success is an inside job.
You hold the key to creating happiness in your life. You have to choose to be happy regardless of your circumstances. Your thoughts are powerful. Success begins with a thought, the thought creates a feeling and the feeling creates an action.
Your conscious mind knows what to do, but your subconscious is blocking it. The workshop speaker told us that our subconscious is based on emotion, and emotion overrides logic and rationale. All change happens at a subconscious level.
What does all of this mean? Change your thoughts to get your conscious and subconscious in agreement in order to reach your goals.
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Success is an inside job. What will you tell your subconscious?


  1. Yes! You have to have positive thoughts and believe in yourself!