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Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun Friday – A Wrinkle in Time

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My experience dubbed, A Wrinkle in Time, was the day my teen boys were running late for church due to wrinkled clothes. They dressed at the last minute and wanted to just run out the door. As my younger son handed me his shirt to be ironed, I looked down at his pants.
The black dress pants that my son wore had creases at the knees from being on a hanger. He traded me his ironed shirt for the dress pants. No sooner had I finished ironing his pants than my older son walked past…wearing wrinkled pants and shirt.
When I told my older son his pants needed to be ironed he said, “These are wrinkle free pants.” Rather than fight another battle, I let my son decide whether he wanted to iron the pants or not. He decided not to iron the pants. Instead, he put on a different pair.
In the story, A Wrinkle in Time, the characters traveled by wrinkling time. In other words they were able to travel quickly through space/time. It would have been helpful to wrinkle time the day were running late. No such luck.
As I rushed the boys through the house barking demands, my older son said, “Ma, do you just wake up and plan what you’re going to fuss about?”
After an outbreak of laughter, from me, I responded. “No planning needed, you boys provided plenty of ammunition.”
Although we were a little late reaching our destination, we had ironed out our wrinkles. And we learned a lesson. For me the lesson learned was, be sure to give the boys more lead time to get ready for an event. I believe the boy’s lesson learned was that, “Mama is going to fuss no matter what.”
Have you experienced a time where you were running late for something due to poor planning?

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  1. Running late...poor planning...all the time!

    Enjoyed this post, Angela. And thanks for explaining "A Wrinkle in Time". I never quite got that story. :(