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Friday, September 12, 2014

Fun Friday - 6 ways to celebrate International Chocolate Day

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It's here...International Chocolate Day. This international celebration is observed on September 13th. What will you do to celebrate?

Below are 6 ways to celebrate International Chocolate Day.

1.  Eat strawberries dipped in chocolate.

2.  Watch the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

3. Play the Chocolate Hunt game - have a plate for each player. Fill the plate with whipped cream, then hide pieces of a chocolate bar in the whipped cream. Players keep their hands behind their back and use their mouth to find the hidden chocolate. The player who finds the most chocolates is the winner.

4.  Make a chocolate dessert

5.  Visit a chocolate  factory - in Ann Arbor, MI there is a chocolate boutique that sells gourmet chocolate (Schakoload Chocolate Factory). In Chelsea there is the Morely Candy Factory which is a large maker of chocolates and offers tours of their factory.

6.  Test your family's knowledge with chocolate trivia"
     a.  When was chocolate introduced in the United States?
     b.  True or false - one plain chocolate candy bar has more protein than a banana
For more trivia questions click here.

6a.  In 1765 when cocoa beans were brought from the West Indies to Dorchester, Massachusetts.
  b. True

What will you do to celebrate International Chocolate Day? Have a little fun with it.

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