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Friday, June 29, 2018

Fun Friday – 3 signs you may be tired and need to rest

You fall asleep during a doctor's visit

At the end of a hectic work day, I arrive home and press the garage door remote. The soft rumble of the door rising is music to my ears. In less than a minute I would park and relax. Park my car and park my butt on the couch.

Little did I know that rest would not come right away. I live with a teenager. Once inside the house I spotted a parade of shoes near the front door. This was followed by a jacket hanging off the arm of the couch and ankle weights in a corner.

“Somebody needs to clean the living room.” I yelled to anyone within the sound of my voice. All I heard was deafening silence. The culprit behind the cyclone left in the living room, was in his room with headphones on and playing a video game.

Too tired to get into a debate with my teen, I scribbled a note, clean the living room, and taped it to the corner of his T.V. screen. I retreated to my bedroom to relax and read, within ten minutes I was asleep. Guess I was more tired than I realized.

Below are three signs you’re tired and need to rest.

·      While eating lunch with co-workers, your eyes begin to slowly close, until both eyelids unite as one.

·       You watch an evening movie at the theater with friends, but the only thing you remember watching are the credits.

·       You take a nap during your lunch hour at work.

What would you add to the list of signs that you’re tired?

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