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Monday, March 12, 2018

Muffins with Mom – 3 Benefits of water

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Water is essential to daily living. Humans need water, animals need water and plants need water. Did you know that water is essential to your hair as well? I did a little research after a discussion with my twenty something year-old niece. She was coaching me with a natural hairstyle that I’m working to achieve.

After parting my hair in sections and spraying it with water, my niece meticulously twisted my hair. She coached as she twisted. “Auntie, you have to train your hair in order to get your natural curl pattern. You need water to moisturize your hair.”

My niece wanted to make sure I understood the significance of what she was explaining. She put it in perspective for me. “Think of your hair as a plant. Plants need moisture, water to grow.”

“Plants don’t survive in my care,” I said. She would need to come up with a different analogy, to give me hope that I could achieve success with “watering” my hair. A Google search revealed that “water is the most natural setting lotion for hair.” Below are 3 additional benefits of water…

1.      Tighten face skin
2.      Fastest way to lose belly fat
3.      Best hair growth vitamin

The next time you reach for a glass of water, remember there are many benefits of water. In addition to being essential to our daily living, water has benefits related to our skin, hair and weight loss.

What other benefits of water, would you add?

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