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Monday, October 16, 2017

Muffins with Mom - 7 Embarrassing moments and how to learn from them

Kids are not the only one’s who experience embarrassing moments. They’ve come my way in a grand fashion. Have you experienced them? Sure you have. There are some moments that we want to forget about and never mention again. Then there are others that we eventually laugh about, and move on.

No matter what type of embarrassing moment you experience there is a lesson to be learned. Below is a list of embarrassing moments that I’ve come across over the years.

  1. While dancing (and driving) in your car, you look over and see the people in the car next to you laughing hysterically.
Lesson Learned:         Get tinted windows or laugh with the person who is laughing at you.

  1. You display your biggest, brightest smile while talking to someone, only to realize later that you had a piece of broccoli from lunch still in your teeth.
Lesson Learned:          Flossing your teeth is important.

  1. When my son was five month old a woman I hadn’t seen in a long time spotted me across a room. She waved excitedly and yelled, “When is the baby due?” I smiled and waved back at her as I said, “He’s five month old.” I started anew exercise regime the next day.
Lesson Learned:          Daily exercise is important.

  1. While shopping, you wait a little too long before going to the restroom. When you finally rush off in search of a restroom, you get there and burst into the wrong one. When did they put urinals in the women’s restroom?
Lesson Learned:          Don’t wait until the last minute.

  1. You’re the loudest one cheering on your child at a sporting event. It may sound something lie this – “That’s my baby; Come on hustle; Get that ball!” You’re not embarrassed, but your child may want you to stay home next time.
Lesson Learned:         Jump and cheer in silence, shake pom pons, anything except call your child’s name. Or…cheer loudly for the entire team so no one really knows who’s parent you are.

  1. You’re so tired that during prayer at church, when you close your eyes, you fall asleep.
Lesson Learned:         Try to get a little extra sleep at night, even if it means something doesn’t get done.

  1. Your umbrella blows inside out and you struggle to return it to normal as rain pounds down on you.
Lesson Learned:          Have a jacket with a hood as back up.

Grandma always said, “You can learn from other people’s mistakes.” I believe the same holds true for embarrassing moments.

What embarrassing situations have you experienced and learned from?    

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