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Monday, August 7, 2017

Muffins with Mom – The teen chef

My son was away at college four days when he sent me a text message that said, “When are you sending the first care package?” He was so excited get away from home and be on his own that he forgot to pack a few items. Among those forgotten items were a skillet and a couple of pots for cooking that I suggested he take.

One item my son remembered to take was the George Foreman grill. Living off campus, my son knew he would have to prepare his own meals.  He purchased groceries after arriving at school. Thus began his cooking journey.

Day One
I received a phone call from my son after his first meal preparation.
“Ma, I grilled some chicken breasts on the George Foreman. I used dry rub, then used Soy Sauce on them too. And I made rice in the rice cooker. My first meal was a success”
He was elated.

Day Two
My son sent a group text to me, his brother and his dad. It was loaded with emojis and a message that said, “I made tacos today and washed all my dishes afterward. It was a good day. Call me Ratatouille."

Day Three
Aah, day three…was different.
The group text we received said, “I tried to make pancakes and bacon, it didn’t go so well. The pancakes were super thin and the bacon almost burned.”

A pancake gone wrong

"Blackened" Bacon

Day Four
The text message on this day said, “I’ve cooked everything that I know how to cook already & I’m hungry.”

By the end of day four, I called my son to remind him of the simple meals he could prepare. “You can make spaghetti, you know how to brown ground beef. Just boil some water and put the spaghetti in the pot.”

“I don’t have a pot to boil stuff or a strainer.”

We have come full circle, back to the items that my son needs in his care package. My teen chef is learning to prepare meals and experiment in the kitchen.

What meal ideas or suggestions do you have for a teen learning to cook?

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