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Friday, June 10, 2016

Fun Friday – 5 tips for planning for a teens senior year of high school

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No more backpacks, no more books, no more moms’ dirty looks. This is the end of the school year chant for my son. The excitement of summer is in the air as well as his approaching senior year of high school. How does a parent plan for her child’s senior year of high school?

You can’t lose by starting a college fund when your child is still a toddler, but it’s not too late. Now that you’re in the final stretch…what do you do? My son has already told me that he want to do things BIG. He wants go out to dinner after graduation, have open house, give a speech that he has not been asked to give, and the list goes on.

A special request from my son is that I run to the stage when his name is called. I assured him that I will not have to run. I will already be on the stage, doing back flips, dancing and shouting and any other acrobatic move I can come up with. In addition to that we will have our church nurses on standby with fans and tissues.

Real tips for planning for your teen’s senior year.

1.       Determine what you want to accomplish for your child’s senior year – will you purchase senior pictures, how much do you want to spend? Will you have an open house? Where (reserve it early).

2.       Set a budget – save a set amount from each paycheck (make it realistic).

3.       Create a calendar of events just for senior happenings – list when things are due, e.g. senior dues, Homecoming, prom, yearbook purchase, etc.

4.       Completing college applications/scholarships – start NOW if you haven’t already. Ask your child for a list of colleges he/she would like to attend. Budget for the costs associated with submitting college applications. Check with your child’s school counselor regarding having fees waived if your child receives free or reduced lunch.

5.       Check for outstanding fees due at school – as I stood in line to register my older son for school for one year, we were told he owed $80 for a missing book. My son looked at me with a blank stare. I looked back at him and said, “There goes your new pair of shoes.” After my frustration subsided…a year later, I was glad we found out before graduation day.

6.       Take a few deep breaths and enjoy every moment.
Are you ready for senior year? What tips would you suggest in preparation for a teen’s senior year of high school?

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