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Friday, March 4, 2016

Fitness Friday – Math trouble - When weight loss doesn’t add up

Do you remember solving math story problems in school? On a recent weight loss quest I felt like a living story problem. If you’ve ever set out to lose weight for a special occasion, you may know what I mean.

Here’s what I mean…

Angie wanted to lose 5 pounds before her birthday. She had 30 days to complete the task. In week one she didn’t lose any weight. In week two she lost two pounds. In week three she remained the same and in week four she gained three pounds. Did Angie reach her goal?

In the scenario above, Angie did not reach her weight loss goal. However, sometimes we have to change our perspective. Here’s a better questions to ask…Did Angie feel great having changed her health routine? Sometimes our weight loss efforts may not go as planned, but there are still benefits to having tried.

Here are three tips the experts give for healthy weight loss.

  1. Track your positive behaviors - walk at lunch time, take the stairs instead of the elevator, try a new vegetable. Track these things so you can look back and see your progress.
  2. Eat mindfully – avoid eating while watching T.V., on the phone or reading. Instead savor the flavor of your food and enjoy each bite.
  3. Engage in 30 minutes of physical activity daily – get your body moving each day doing something. This could be walking, dancing or whatever it takes to get you moving.

For more tips click here.

The next time your weight loss efforts don’t add up, change the formula. Do something differently. Don’t worry if you don’t lose weight right away. Remember, your goal is long term health.

Have you been faced with any weight loss scenarios lately? What are your tips for survival?

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